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  • I’ve got this plug in installed on a couple of my blogs, but given how long it takes to set all the ads up, I was wondering if there was a quick way of copying the data from one blog to another?

    presumably the ads are all stored in the wp database, so i should be able to export/import – but I’ve looked and can’t see them – anyone got any ideas?

    I’ve tried looking on the openx website, but that seems to have been down for the last few days.


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  • why is it you always figure it out after you post on forums for help!

    If any one is interested – the ads are added into the wp_options (or wp_X_options if you’re using MU)

    to import them over, I exported the wp_options table from the blog with the ads already set up and opened it in a text editor. I then looked for the line that contained plugin_advman and copied this line of code to the clipboard.

    Switch to the new blog’s phpmyadmin and look for the same line in the wp_options table and make a note of the value in the ‘option id’ field, then drop this entry

    in phpmyadmin on the blog i wanted to copy them to, i went back to the wp_options table and hit the sql tab. I pasted in the code from the export and changed the option id to the same as the one i’d just dropped from the table and hit go.. few seconds later all done and my ads are showing up on the 2nd blog

    hope that makes sense..




    Great to hear you figured it out. Thanks for the tips


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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