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  • Hi there,

    I have been using this plugin without a problem for well over a year. I upgraded this morning and tried adding a new ad, but it won’t appear on my live site. My existing ads are working fine, but the new one is not. I have spent an hour trying to figure out what the deal is, but nothing is making sense. For what it’s worth, I’m using the latest version of wordpress. Is there any way to move back to the previous version of the plugin?

    Thanks for any thoughts.

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  • I should add a little more detail.

    I can see the ad in the preview mode, but it won’t appear on the live site.

    And I have checked to make sure that the name of the ad, and the name appearing the code do match.

    Thanks again.


    Doublecheck to see if the Author field in your new ad shows ‘All Authors’. I am happy to discuss with you via Skype (switzer).



    That actually did the trick. The first time I enabled the authors, I got a warning/error message at the top of the page. I then deleted the ads and started again and it is looking good. Thanks very much.



    No problem. I am glad it worked.


    I also cannot get my ads to appear. Installed get 2.9 version. Have three setup. When, I preview it, it works fine! However, I wanted them to display in the widget section. I opened a text and placed in my widgets and put the ‘name’ Nothing happens! In fact the ads don’t display at all. I made sure my authors are set to all, as well as everything else. However, I still cannot get these to display properly. Please advise.


    Did you follow these steps:
    1. Drag the ‘Advertisement’ widget to your sidebar
    2. Select your ad from the dropdown in the widget
    3. Ensure that the ad can show without restrictions (e.g. make sure that the ‘author’ and ‘cateogory’ for the ads is set to ‘all’

    Let me know how it goes with this – otherwise we can get into some additional details.


    Thanks for your reply! I got it to work finally. The advertisement widget did not appear in my widgets. Now it does, so I was able to move advertisements in the widgets to make mine appear. Thank you.

    However, I have a top ad I want to place on the page. There is no widget for that. How do I get an ad to appear at the top of the page. In addition, how do I format the ads in my widget sidebar. I just want to padding around it so they aren’t flushed against each other and so it looks more uniformed with other widgets. Is this something I have to do manually or can it be done in the plug-in. Please advise.


    @thebossman, you will need to place the PHP code where you want it atthe top of your page. You can’t use a wdiget there.

    The PHP code that you should ad is:

    <?php advman_ad(‘name’); ?>

    Where ‘name’ is the name of the ad that you want to display.

    switzer, I’ve been using this. Is this wrong?

    <?php adsensem_ad('name'); ?>


    That is fine as well – this was an adsense manager tag that advertising manager supports for backwards compatibility.


    I too have problems. I added 2 new ads in Single, after upgrading to the latest version of the plugin, and they appear after saving them but they disappear forever after a few minutes.
    I checked the settings and discovered that the new ads were set to appear on pages with certain tags so I checked All. They still don’t appear on the site. The place where they should appear looks larger, like there is an ad but… invisible.
    Even if I check All tags, after saving the settings it selects only the tags it wants.

    I have been using the plugin for a year, but the “by tag” settings acts weird. Can’t make the settings I need. It just saves what it wants.

    One of the 2 ads I was talking about appeared and the By Tag setting remained saved as All. I don’t know why it now works. The second ad is still not displaying on the site. I set the All option in By Tag, but every time I save this it checks only some tags from the list, the same tags every time.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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