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  • joetower


    I’ve noticed that using this plugin creates the tragic FOUT (Flash of Unstyled Text) in WebKit Browsers. The makers and maintainers of Typekit state that FOUT should not occur in Webkit browsers (Safari & Chrome) or Internet Explorer because of how they load web pages versus Gecko browsers.

    So, in short, while this plugin works great, it causes FOUT in browsers that normally shouldn’t have FOUT issues.

    Either the plugin has an issue with how it’s loading the typekit js files or this issue is related to my personal use. For reference, I tested this issue using the plugin implementation versus the standard manual implementation and do not see FOUT using the standard implementation. So this leads me to believe something may be off with the plugin.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Am I crazy? What could the issue be?

    But all that business aside, thank you utkarsh for contributing a quality Typekit plugin! I hope this issue is either relative to me or can be easily resolved.

    Thank you,

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  • jeremyhelm


    It’s true, I see the same thing. It’s a bit more than a flash. It’s a pity too because I found this the easiest typekit plugin of the three I perused.
    I’m experiencing this on mac os 10.6, in both firefox 3.6.12 (so not just webkit then?) & safari 5.0.2



    I am now thinking maybe the FOUT has more to do with how WordPress loads the plugins and/or assets. I’m probably wrong but I’m not sure what is causing this.

    @jeremy Just a note, you will see FOUT using Typekit in Firefox – it is simply how the browser loads content/assets and displays them on the page. However, you can style and control what that FOUT state looks like. You can style the .loading, .inactive, .active dynamic classes. At least we have control – though, not ideal.

    Thanks for the corroboration Jeremy! I’m glad I’m not the only one having issues.

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