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    this is the output since today, when trying to set up a new list-rule.

    I did it several times this way and it worked. So I am kind of confused why this one comes up:

    “Error: No other taxonomies are being used within the post_type.” when trying to save the preset.

    It happens when I try to update a ready one from the table-list bellow.
    Thanks for support.

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  • Plugin Author EkoJR


    Sounds like you have a ‘Require Taxonomy’ checked when no other taxonomies are being used within that post type.

    Hi & thanks,

    I didn´t understand your answer quite well but it gave me a track and I made it working again. The result appear to be acceptable.

    Thanks again for your amazing tool and for your devotion which is obvious.

    Bye & enjoy

    Plugin Author EkoJR


    What I was trying to explain is that there is a setting to require the taxonomy within the post type, and if no other terms/taxonomies are being used within that post type. Then an error will be thrown since only one taxonomy is being used.

    Anyways, thanks for appreciation for the plugin. I just released a new beta version which has much more additional settings to take advantage of. Most of the filters from WP_Query are now part of the plugin’s filters. Hope you enjoy the recent upgrade =)


    okay & thanks. So I understood it. Fine.

    Would you say that it is better to mention as many terms & keywords as possible to a list-setting? Means, the more specific the topic the less keywords, the less specific & general the topic the more terms & keywords. Right?

    Yeah indeed really enjoy working with your solution. You will see on pp soon ;).

    Thanks for hint, grabbed the latest version.

    Plugin Author EkoJR


    Sorry, most of my work has gone into a lot of the backend portions of the plugin, and just a little bit here and there on the frontend. So there’s some areas that didn’t have much information to go by. Beta 5 I tried to fill in a lot of the gaps by adding more info dialogs to click on.

    Yea, for the most part, I have certain keywords set up for the community to initially go by, and use just the keywords needed to point to with function and/or setting. This is probably because of a programming habit to catalog things based on their main function and sub-category. Some of examples would be ‘Require Taxonomy’, ‘Require Terms’, and ‘Include Terms’ in the post_type/taxonomy section.

    Another reason for doing that is because I’ve noticed there’s a lot of diversity in the languages that the community uses. The more keywords there are, the more chances there would be a mis-communication in translation. When I have 0.3 stable, I’ll be able to switch my primary focus to providing a decent knowledge-base.

    Sorry, I hope I understood you right. Which, by the way, what did you mean by

    You will see on pp soon


    pp is paypal: will let you “feel” my appreciation for your excellent work not by words only.

    Yea I think I got you right even though you share more the code-perspective which is not so familiar to me.

    Thanks for now

    Plugin Author EkoJR


    Oh ok, I thought you were talking about something with WordPress. Well, it’s definitely appreciated when others show their support, and I’m pretty sure I speak for other development authors that it’s a big motivational factor.

    Actually, I should be the one saying ‘thank you’. It really does help seeing good comments, but being considered for a donation do speak louder than words. So, truly, thank you for your consideration and generosity. Hope you enjoy further progress with the plugin in the days to come. =)


    Advanced Post list only works when I am logged in my WordPress account. After I logg out the post list disappears. Any thoughts?


    Never mind, I figured it out!

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