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  • I love this plugin but it isn’t very usable when you have other plugins that use shortcodes. For example, I am using a plugin to insert SWFobject code into my posts. Normally, using the standard excerpt the shortcodes are just ignored, but with Advanced Excerpt the shortcodes are executed and the HTML code is printed out. Any ideas on how to get around this?

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  • The Shortcode API is new since WP 2.5, this plugin has been lagging behind in compatibility since version 2.3 or so.

    I will implement a solution in the next update (which is work-in-progress when time allows it).

    What is your preferred way of dealing with the shortcode? I can think of the following options: removing it, expanding it then proceed normally (althoug I assume this is how the plugin currently behaves), leave them unparsed (I don’t see a practical reason for this though), or letting the user define shortcodes to expand/remove.

    Hi, right now I’m using the Excerpt Reloaded plugin, but it doesn’t strip shortcodes either. For instance, I need the caption shortcodes stripped. If your plugin is going to be updated to include this, it looks as though it has all the other features I need and I will switch all the sites I maintain over to it.

    The upcoming version of Advanced Excerpt will strip shortcodes from the post prior to generating an excerpt.

    The ability to selectively strip shortcodes might be added in a future version, if I can find a reliable solution that is. I also don’t want to clutter the plugin with confusing features, so this is still under consideration.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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