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  • I found it does absolutely nothing, as well. Too bad, as I was looking for something like this! Anyone know why it would have absolutely no effect whatsoever?

    Also agree. Not outputting the excerpt at all… nothing

    It’s been working on all my sites, different themes, for well over a year. Must be some reason..

    I only installed it a few days ago on the latest WP 3.3 and the latest plugin version. Perhaps you have different versions @deepbevel? It does absolutely nothing to the excerpts being pulled on my site.

    I looked at your site, are you even showing posts? looks like a gallery with images linked to a lightbox? where do you want excerpts to appear?

    Hi, yes I am @deepbevel. Those are homepage “bricks” that show my excerpt when you hover over it. You can see that the shortcode is showing and cart code, and that’s what I wanted to have control over, why I was happy to find this plugin to begin with. The site is still in development, but what I want is to control what is shown when one hovers over the brick – especially hiding the shortcode!

    Thanks for your reply.

    oooh, I’ve seen that before, in fact I have the same kind of thing
    Advanced excerpts has a setting to remove or keep shortcodes, as well as all other markup. I had the same issue and it solved it. I assume you tried those settings?

    Yes, I did, but the plugin seems to be having no effect whatsoever on my excerpts.

    where are you inserting the shortcode for the cart, is it in the image description feild? if not you might try that.

    otherwise, try this setting:
    excerpt length 4000 use words
    (so it will show the full content, which is an image and excerpt if I’m not mistaken)

    Remove shortcodes from the excerpt, check this box.

    Don’t keep any mark up.
    Leave everything else default.

    Are you trying to have it so users access the cart through the lightbox? I think you may have to link to attachment pages to show the cart. Attachment pages show descriptions, so you could put your cart there as I previously suggested. Unless, your lightbox can show descriptions..

    I guess I’m a bit confused about your layout, you have excerpts, but no full post? just a lightbox? in that case, your “excerpts” are indeed the_content, and not really excerpts at all, at least not in the sence that they are partial content which link to the full content. Am I right?

    Great troubleshooting so far, sorry for bursting in. 😛

    I am quite confident that the plugin does at least something, but I think I should explain better what it does. It is a filter, an extension of default behaviour in WordPress. The default behaviour that it extends is the_excerpt (template function to display an excerpt).

    Some themes make use of this function, but not all. Many themes use the_content to display a post, but the plugin leaves this behaviour untouched. If that’s the case, your website will look unaffected.

    If you want your theme to make use of the plugin when it is available, use the_excerpt where appropriate.

    Oh wow, That’s gotta be it! thanks basvd, I actually encountered that myself about a year ago and yes, that did the trick, just changed the_content to the_excerpt, I totally forgot some themes dont use excerpts by default.

    I suppose this resolves the issue. Although it would be nice if the original poster could confirm.

    So am I to understand that changing the home page code from the_content to the_excerpt for the bricks will work? Or should I change the plugin from excerpt to content??

    Thanks, we’re almost there!

    Yes. Then Advanced Excerpts will work like it should.

    If it’s not in archive.php/or loop-archive, look in your main loop, category.php (if you have one), or index file.

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