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    I have a field group for authors only. The group uses the setting which disables the default wp html/text editor.

    the problem is, when an administrator trys to edit an authors post, the admin doesn’t have the fields, and so doesn’t have access to the authors content.

    How can I have it so admins can still have default editor screen, as well as the custom fields used by authors? The rules don’t seem to accomodate such a thing.

    if I make another group with the exact same fields for admins as authors, but leave the default editor screen for the admins, will the authors content/fields still appear when an admin access their post? Or will the admin only get empty fileds? really confused about this..


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  • Plugin Author elliotcondon


    Hi deepbevel,

    Can you just remove the rule for “Logged in user type”?

    You say that you have a group for authors only, but you want admins to see it too.

    If you name the fields exactly the same, then they will both see the same data.

    Can’t remove the rule because I don’t want authors to have a text editor.

    Otherwise yes, I discovered by accident just today that if I name some fields the same in two field groups, but each with different rules, the admins and editors can access the authors content in the post editor, as well as use the fields themselves if they want, and get the same default content in the fields.

    I also had something going that I can’t seem to re create, I had default content for a text area field in one fieldd group, load in a wysiwyg field for another group. I tried it again by naming the text area with default content in one group, the same name as the wysiwyg in another group, but I couldn’t get it again..
    How did I do that? was I dreaming? hallucinating again? If I could do it again default shortcode in a wysiwyg be ideal.


    Plugin Author elliotcondon


    Hi deepbevel

    Default values are only loaded when creating new posts. Not for editing posts

    yes, sorry, .. I did it when I created a new post as an admin, with a wysiwyg field in the field group for my role in the rules. But it had the shortcode that I have as default content in a text area field for another group, with different rules. The fields were accidently named the same. or at least I think that was the scenario. So I’m wondering if you know it to be somethng which can be done. I could be somehow mistaken about how I got what I did. ..long day.

    Plugin Author elliotcondon


    Hi deepbevel

    I’m a bit confused from your comment. What are you trying to do with the default values? How are they not working for you?

    It works great, but better if default values could be in the wysiwyg. My authors won’t be html savy, but they’ll need shortcodes, one as default content would be ideal. Otherwise I have the rules thing set to suit me, no more confusion there. So that’s resolved.

    I’m not all that familiar with custom fields in general, so the whole idea of this plug in sort of confused me at first, didn’t even know cf had to be called in the theme. But I’m getting the idea. What a great tool!

    Thanks agian.

    Plugin Author elliotcondon


    Hi deepbevel

    I will add a default value into the WYSIWYG field options.

    Thanks for that,


    And thank you for that!

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