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    If you have an image field, it keeps the image at 100% size whereas it did not before. So image fields that are off to the side, like where the featured image field is, the images once selected are HUGE and go off page. You have to move the field over to the main area just to finally get so you can edit, remove or replace the image.

    Please fix.

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  • Kahil


    Just updated with the newest update and still have this issue. Please fix as it is very annoying. Again, if the image you choose is larger in dimensions, it takes up that full space as a full size image rather than resizing to fit…like it used to. Now I have images overflowing into other areas or completely off screen.



    again…got yet another update for the plugin that doesn’t address this very annoying issue. The image field doesn’t constrain the image in the admin panel. If it is a large image, it displays at full size and overflows onto the rest of the page or off screen.




    If you go into /wp-content/uploads/year/mo/ you should be able to see if thumbnails are being generated at all. If you uploaded filename.jpg, you should see filename.jpg, filename-150×150.jpg, etc. If you don’t, then make sure the GD library for PHP is installed, otherwise WordPress will not generate the thumbnails needed to show.



    That isn’t the issue. The issue has nothing to do with the server my site is on or anything with my site. Its the plugin. Nothing changed on my server or site other than me updating this plugin. It was working fine and then I updated it…now that particular feature is broken. WordPress is creating all other image file thumbnails just fine when upload via the media uploads. Again, the problem is the plugin.

    I just updated the plugin again…honestly, have never seen a plugin update with bug fixes so much and so often. Its almost like it isn’t tested before releasing.

    To top that bug off, I just noticed another one… This plugin now breaks the admin interface. You cannot reorganize the sections of the admin interface. The buttons on the editor are now missing. You can’t collapse the admin section. I confirmed this by deactivating the plugin, reloading the admin interface for a page/post/custom and now everything shows up and works as it should. So it is clearly a broken script in the plugin.

    Seriously, please start testing this plugin before pushing an update…try working out most of the bugs yourself first. I’m about to switch back to Magic Fields or one of the other similar plugins. The plugin was fine several updates ago.

    Jean Goodwyn


    Hello Kahil!

    I’m not sure if it’s of any help, but I have this installed in multiple sites.
    With the most recent version, if I select ‘thumbnail’ as the version of the image I want to show in the field configuration, that seems to be the version I’m getting. Likewise for medium, large, or full size images.

    I’m also not experiencing the broken admin.

    Could it be conflicting with another plugin?




    Well before it was working fine. I could select a larger image and it would auto adjust to fit the space it was in. Now it doesn’t, its freakin huge and goes out of the bounds of the page. Its definitely not anything to do with the code of my site/theme or another plugin as literally the only thing that has changes other than simple text on pages/posts is me updating this plugin.

    I just updated…again…seriously, so many updates…should space them out to allow for bug reports/fixes. Anyway, the broken admin section is now fixed…so that does go to show that the issue was with a script in the plugin and not anything else.

    But as of right now I haven’t noticed any other bugs other than the still unresolved issue of the image size. The way it used to work and the way it should work is that the image should be sized to fit the container when in the admin section…given a max width… Then when displayed on the site, it should be the size you want it to….large or small. Again…it was working fine until an update broke it.

    I’m having the same issue, has there been any resolution to this?

    Im glad im not the only one now. To this point no one has offered a solution let alone acknowledged it as a bug. Kinda hard to refute. When literally nothing about your wordpress setup has changed other than updating this plugin, its obvious of the cause. Goes from automatically resizing the preview image to not.

    Please fix this…it is a rather annoying bug.

    You do realize different plugin versions can have different requirements, right? Just like new versions of WordPress can have different system requirements.

    Did you ever bother to see if WordPress was generating the thumbnail images you’re trying to see? Did you ever bother to see if that library was installed on your server? Did you check and make sure “thumbnails” was selected in the ACF admin? Did you bother to test it with a default theme and no additional plugins installed to see if it was actually a conflict with a different plugin? You sure like to rule things out based on pretty faulty assumptions, so I figured I would ask these IMPORTANT QUESTIONS THAT NEED ANSWERED IF YOU WANT HELP.

    I and most users never experienced the broken admin. I did experience the massive image size and told you the fix I used. You refused to look into it, or if you did you chose to complain instead of explain. You are so quick to blame ACF instead of taking a moment to see if maybe, just maybe, one of your other plugins is actually badly coded and caused the admin conflict in the first place.

    What’s annoying is users like you who don’t work with people trying to help, complain that no is helping them after they’ve bit the hand trying to feed them, and are completely unwilling to do any sort of basic troubleshooting in lieu of saying “fix it fix it fix it fix it”.

    So yeah, someone did offer a solution. You rejected it without looking into it, then denied anyone offered a solution. Now you expect to hear from the dev? Why would he respond? So he can just get chewed out by you like I’ve been? Not likely, mate. In order to be helped, you have to be willing to say “I don’t know what I’m doing and will try someone else’s suggestions.”

    Again…as I said before… I have already checked and it has nothing to do with my theme or anything else. The change came with the plugin and the plugin alone.

    WordPress IS creating thumbnails for images uploaded. That isn’t the problem. The problem is that the plugin isn’t auto scaling the image that is in that metabox when the metabox is on the side. It used to do this and now it doesn’t. I am not the only one experiencing this.

    If you can’t offer a valid, working solution…or can’t read the plain english that someone else types…that isn’t our problem and it is no excuse to be a jerk.

    AGAIN!!! When the metabox is on the side, it should be auto scaling the image that is uploaded or placed in there no matter it’s original dimensions…like it used to and like the featured image section does already in WordPress. The problem is the plugin (and one could say the lack of response from the dev), not us.

    lol all righty…backing out of this thread.

    You never said you checked anything. You never said “WordPress is generating thumbnails properly.” You never said “I’ve disabled all plugins and reverted to default theme, but the issue persists.” You never said “I’ve checked to make sure that ‘thumbnails’ is checked in the ACF admin for that custom field.” In fact, you (again) stated it’s not a problem with your theme or other plugins, but you apparently came to this conclusion by just deciding it. Yes, an update caused the issue. Unfortunately for you, because it is not an issue for most users, the issue is in one of your plugins, your theme, or your server setup.

    First rule of WordPress debugging – turn off all plugins and revert to default theme. If you can’t even do that and come back and say you have with the results, then no one will treat this as a viable bug.

    Again, this is not an issue for most of the users of the plugin. This means that no, the problem is not guaranteed to be the plugin. I understand your logic of “I updated this and now it doesn’t work, therefore it’s this.” I also understand that it does not always work like that, and proper troubleshooting is the only way to find out for sure.

    So, once again, here is the ONLY WAY YOU WILL GET HELP.

    Go into that specific image field’s settings (Custom Fields->Custom Fields->Your Field Group-> Your Image Field). Make sure “thumbnails” is selected on “preview size”. If that is not the issue, disable ALL plugins and revert to Twenty Eleven theme. If the issue persists, then the problem is with your server setup. If the issue does not persist, there is a conflict with either your theme or another plugin. Once you’ve distilled that down, you can report back what your system setup is (I will be happy to explain how to get the useful info) or what plugin is causing the conflict.

    You can complain all you want, but until it can be reproduced on a vanilla install you’re wasting your breath. I cannot reproduce the issue – images properly load the thumbnail preview regardless of location of metabox or size of image.

    So yes, you acting entitled and impatient, berating someone who’s trying to help you, refusing to do basic debugging or not reporting back clearly that you have tried it, and not gathering the information requested of you is a great reason to be a jerk. After all, you’re getting exactly what you gave, mate. Time to reconsider what you’re giving.

    Plugin Author elliotcondon


    Hey guys,

    I don’t think there is a css rule to override the width of an image if it gets bigger than it’s parent.

    You can set the image width to 100%, but then smaller images will get scaled up.

    @kahil – have you thought about spending 1 minute and writing some css for your admin pages?

    Plugin Author elliotcondon


    Try something like this in your functions.php file:

    function my_head_input()
    	<style type="text/css">
    		/* add custom css here to set 100% to the images in the side column! */
    add_action('acf_head-input', 'my_head_input');

    I think all he really needs to do is check the option to show the thumbnail as the admin preview image.

    Oh, and take a chill pill too. ;o)

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