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    Love it. – Now lets add Woocommerce.

    There are a couple of issues with woocommerce (which has quickly grown to my new go-to e-cart solutions, btw)

    You can take a look here

    If you add a product to the cart, then hit ‘view cart’ in the sidebar, You’ll come to a cart page. If you look to the left side of an item, you will see a little ‘X’ to remove the item, you can hover over it and see its nonce & all. So if you click that ‘remove item’ button, the ajax just hangs. I’m going to be looking at that, and reporting here. If anyone has some help, I’d love to hear it.

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  • Also found on checkout page, that the ‘ship to same address’ check box conditional logic (hides/displays the 2nd shipping column, ‘shipping address’)
    Investigating now..

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    Thinks like this are always going to break this plugin, because it modifies such a core function of the website which is relied upon by many dynamic systems front-end and back-end which then no longer work as expected.

    It’s a case of debugging and working around issues by either deactivating my plugin for certain links, or modifying the other systems to work with the ajax.

    Good luck with this and let me know if your stuck 🙂

    How do I go about de-activating it for certain links? Alternatively, is there a way to only activate it on select links? Like a ‘rel’ tag or something? That would make my life easier!

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    Yeah it’s pretty easy if you know jQuery.

    It’s all controlled first from line:


    scope is just used for reload as when we load a page i append the page id “#content”. so lets just assume were looking at:


    that’s basically binding to every “a” element, you could set it so it binds to all “a” links with a class named “ajax” for example:


    Further down there’s some further code:

    if (this.href.indexOf(AAPLhome) >= 0 && this.href.indexOf('/wp-') < 0 && this.href.indexOf('#') < 0){

    there’s 3 conditional checks here, first one is making sure all the links are on the same domain name (external links need to open normal), second condition is checking were not trying to enter the admin panel by seeing if “wp-” is in the url. The third condition is making sure the url doesn’t contain a “#”.
    You could easily add more here to exclude more links as required.


    i have the same issue, but i don’t have the Advanced AJAX Page Loader Plugin.
    so it seems to be a problem with woocommerce.

    the thing is:
    if i got more than one product and delete one with the little x, it’s no problem.
    but when i try to delete the last (or only) product from the cart… this won’t happen.

    i checked your site and apparently you have the same problem.

    any ideas? 🙂

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    Because this request was for a very old version of AAPL – I’m going to mark it resolved.

    Please make a new post if you still need support.

    And the instructions outlined in this topic should be ignored by anyone using AAPL as things have changed quite a bit since this request.

    I’m also having problems with the AJAX if you could help.

    The payment and add to cart do not work.

    However it works fine when i am logged in.

    Any ideas?

    Test Page:

    Using most current woocommerce 2.02 with Genesis/Agency. Tweaking a variety of woocommerce points to get the plugin to work. Current issue is that items simply won’t delete from cart (with little “red x button”). Work around is to have customer logout to delete entire cart and then re-add items to purchase. Clunky. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

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