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  • I have experienced pretty varying speeds. Sometimes it does feel like too much latency. Unfortunately, it largely depends on the network and the delay in the ajax request. However, I would very much like to see some performance improvements and I will be trying to explore possibilities for same this weekend.

    It is particularly bad for me this morning.

    When I inspect the Network traffic on a page load, I see 3 or 4 “canceled” GET requests to the url page via the ajax-page-loader.js. It appears to be choking at line 90 a few times before finally completing the request.

    The problem appears to be the following section. What performance improvements can be made?

    $('#' + content).fadeIn("slow", function() {'GET', url, true);
    				isWorking = true;
    				http.onreadystatechange = showPage;
    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    I have an idea to convert this connection code so that it uses jQuery methods instead since we use jQuery anyway.

    Hopefully this should bring some improvement or at the very least neater code and more compatibility.

    Secondly at the moment it’s fetching the whole site page as you would in a browser, an improvement could be made where we just fetch the required post info and nothing else, this is something I will be looking into in the coming weeks.

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    Are you still getting the multiple requests for a page problem? Not seen this anywhere else so cant test for it myself.

    Hopefully using jQuery has eradicated this problem, if it still persists maybe it’s a “feature” due to the page timing out and ajax trying again.

    It does seem much more stable! I am still on 2.4.4 but yeah, seems to be working great! Thanks for everything!

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    May I ask why you are not at 2.4.7?

    I suspect for most of you, its a pain to keep having to move your “reload code” constantly.

    I’m thinking of having a separate JS file perhaps, just for the purpose of reload code, that way when you update you dont have to copy this over each time.

    Looking into my idea…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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