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    This is an amazing plugin. I was considering not posting these because they are so minor, but ultimate I decided it would be better to post then not to post.

    I have noticed when navigating between pages and posts in Firefox sometimes the error message flashes for a second or two before loading the page anyway. Is this happening to other people as well.

    Also, when you direct link to a page that is not the homepage, you can not click back to that page. For example, I am building a gallery page that has several thumbnails that link to other posts. If you directly link to: and click one of the images, you cannot go back to the gallery page.

    Like I said all minor things. I can live firefox bugs; I can just remove the error message and then the problem is (sort of) solved. For the other problem I can just put a link in the post that will take you back to the gallery, but I thought I would at least try and helpful. 🙂

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  • well, ok. It works on Chrome. But not on Opera 11.62 and Firefox 11.0.

    if I use ‘forward’ button, then ‘back’ works. but without ‘forward’ it does not.

    …Interesting. I think I see what your talking about. The very first history item that someone will perform (in firefox and opera) doesn’t work. However every one after that works perfectly.

    So, if I go several steps into a blog, the first time I hit back, it wont register. However after that first fail, it works fine. Good catch man.


    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    Hmm cheers for the detective work guys, I will look into this but It’s very unclear why this is happening, or how to prevent it :s

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    Okay everything seems to work fine now!

    Fewwwww… BTW because wordpress seems to cache stuff you will need to CTRL + F5 after loading the page with the update.

    Thank you so much, Dean! Great job, it works fine now.

    There’s one problem left with the chars in page title.
    Seems like it’s trying to write them via html-codes,

    for example
    – = &#8211 ;

    “ = &#8220 ;

    and so on

    and, well, one more pretty important moment:
    navigation in page by links with the ‘#key’ is broken.

    For example, I have a #bottom key for my bottom page element, but when I press the link *…samepage#bottom* it loads the page again and doesn’t navigate me to the element.

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    Hey Dan, yes I already noticed the HTML codes problem, something I will find a way to fit tomorrow, and yes I never even thought about # pointers in links, I will see what I can do to get around this issue.

    Random new bug! Not a big one… just a weird one.

    In webkit based browsers (Chrome, Safari, iPhone, iPad), when the page first loads, it triggers the plugin and then reloads the content.

    ^^^^ wow! I was just about to post about that one! I’ve been on a goosechase disabling W3 Total Cache plugin and other troubleshooting trying to determine that it is not just me.

    It is actually quite frustrating.

    It actually doesn’t bug me much, but I thought I would still report it.

    You’re right its really not a huge deal. just a bit bizarre.
    I’m just a little stressed out with a big website launch for my site at coming in a few days. hoping we’ve collectively ironed out most of the issues around this whole plugin.

    thanks again Dean – btw, I’ve got a donation coming your way next week ish.

    Okay… not sure if I fixed it or broke it more… but I think I found a way to keep it from double oading on webkit browsers. If you go into edit mode, open the file “advanced-ajax-page-loader/ajax-page-loader.js” and remove the comments in window.onpopstate = function(event) then everything works correctly.

    window.onpopstate = function(event) {
    	if (currentState == "") {
    		currentState = document.location.toString();
    	} else {

    Hey Dean, give me a heads up if there was a reason you commented those out. I don’t want to give advice that would break other things.

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    I removed it because it was stopping the first loading of a page on some browsers.

    I think the problem lies in the fact some browsers are firing the event when the page has finished loading as well as when the browser fires it for the back – forward buttons.

    I need some time to sit down and test this properly, and then release a reliable fix. I’m looking into this now but might not have time to release a fix tonight.

    Sorry for the annoying bug.

    It’s all good, don’t stress about it too much. I can respect wanting to sit down and test them all properly. These bugs are cosmetic at best, so I am pretty sure we can either wait, or just get over them. I don’t want to eat up too much of your personal time.

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