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    This is an amazing plugin. I was considering not posting these because they are so minor, but ultimate I decided it would be better to post then not to post.

    I have noticed when navigating between pages and posts in Firefox sometimes the error message flashes for a second or two before loading the page anyway. Is this happening to other people as well.

    Also, when you direct link to a page that is not the homepage, you can not click back to that page. For example, I am building a gallery page that has several thumbnails that link to other posts. If you directly link to: and click one of the images, you cannot go back to the gallery page.

    Like I said all minor things. I can live firefox bugs; I can just remove the error message and then the problem is (sort of) solved. For the other problem I can just put a link in the post that will take you back to the gallery, but I thought I would at least try and helpful. 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Dean Williams


    Thanks for your feedback, I’m currently looking into both problems you have reported. I must admit the second problem with direct links is weird… Not even getting an error.

    Watch this space.

    Okay, so I had disabled the error message temporarily while I was working on something because it was bugging me, now I have re-enabled it. Sorry.

    I have noticed another issue (sorry about this), it’s not a big deal so there is no need to fix right away. I more just want to document any issues I run info.

    Okay, so when you Search from the homepage the plugins works beautifully. However searching from any other page causes weird things to happen. I’ll try and document the scenarios to the best of my abilities.

    1. On either a page or a post, when you search for something that has nothing to do with the page you are on you get an error message, and the page stops working.

    2. On either a page or a post, when you search for something that is relevant to the page you are on, then it refreshes just the content, but doesn’t search.

    If I had to run a guess as to what causes the weirdness, it would be that the url is different than in other situations. For example: “” I could be (and probably am) wrong because I don’t really know what I am talking about.

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    Hey again Travis, I have just popped back to your site and now nothing is working at all, I’m seeing error messages pointing to a jQuery problem? Are you messing with something at the moment?

    dont think jQuery is being included correctly…

    Anyway once this is sorted I can see and document the problems you have described and can then get to work on some code to fix the issues for you and the rest of us 🙂

    And dont feel bad bringing problems to my attention, this is good as I would like to make this plugin work as good as it possibly can, and then extend it to include a whole host of features to help everyone!

    And I’ll email you directly, but a quick thanks for the donation mate, really appreciate it!

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    Okay I was working on the plugin last night and believe I have fixed all the problems you have reported so far.

    I will release an update sometime today which I hope you will have time to test and confirm whether or not the problems have been corrected.

    Dude, you rock my socks off, thanks man!

    I am going to disable your plugin temporarily while I try and add something to my site. I’ll enable it again with your update, and give you a heads up if I see anything else.

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    Okay, released an update! Should cover all the problems you have experienced… Hopefully!!

    I’d been doing most of my development in Chrome, just started testing in Firefox and experienced the error flashing temporarily issue. So pleased to see it already addressed!

    Thanks so much Dean!

    Okay, weird… the back button isn’t work for me at all anymore.

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    Yes, sorry travis, my bad! Fixed that now, NOW IT SHOULD WORK :p

    And no problem euphoriuhh

    Unfortunately the history doesn’t work properly for me 🙁

    it doesn’t go back when you click “back” in your browser (tested on Firefox and Opera), it only changes back the page adress.

    Plus, some weird chars in title, that replace ” or – chars.

    It appears to work now in Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. Good work man.

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    Yes sorry guys, double bluffed you as I accidentally made another mistake, all fixed now hopefully!! 🙂

    sounds like it works okay 😉

    still not working for me in version 2.4.2 🙁

    after you click some post to read from main page, the only thing changes on clicking ‘back’ is just the adressbar text

    Try clearing your cache. That got it to work for me. Also, which browser/version are you using on which OS.

    Also, I have noticed that it “sometimes” doesn’t work randomly, however I am not able to create any specific scenario in which it doesn’t work. Therefore I would just say to “try again” and then it works.

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    Please edit the .js file, change the “showWarnings” variable to true.

    do you get any warning messages when navigating the site?

    Please give us browser and version?

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