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    Sorry if this is a total noob question but I’m not quite clear how to use this plugin…

    In my case, there is a particular page in my website which I’d like to place dynamic content. The content will be posts which will be accessed through links on that particular page.

    I understand that I need to have a div #container on that page for the content. What code or shortcode do I need to place those posts in that div?

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  • …or does this plug-in work by simply replacing the #content div of linked pages to the index page’s #content div?

    If this is the case, is it possible to have the plugin work just for a particular menu item and it’s submenu pages? For example, in my website, I am looking to use ajax content for the “bodymind resources” menu section only (

    Apologies again if this is too basic a question—I can’t find the information I need in your plugin page.

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    This plugin in built so that the whole WordPress site becomes dynamic with ajax.

    It is not build for specific links/areas of a site, and will require some work to modify this to your requirements.

    However its not too difficult!

    However I really don’t have the time to do this for you unless you are willing to pay, I already dedicate enough time for free to develop this plugin and provide support.
    When I say pay I’m talking about £20, as the work isn’t really more than a few hours unless you have some wacky requirements past “only this menu, this page” 🙂

    However if you are willing to do this yourself, I can help point you in the right direction, don’t be scared to ask 🙂

    Moderator cubecolour


    Please remember this forum is not for soliciting paid work. If you want to discuss payment for a plugin enhancement, please use email.

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    Thanks for the spam, I will bare that in mind, my response wasn’t geared towards such a topic and I apologise, I was merely pointing out the requirement isn’t a bug but more a personal requirement that requires custom work, beyond the scope of this plugin and it’s support.

    It’s funny to note how I’ve been told off by a member for suggesting contacting me directly so I could figure out a bug, and now by a member because I DIDN’T ask them to contact me directly and instead gave a formal response in the forum.

    Moderator cubecolour


    A polite reminder of the forum rules is not the same as a telling-off.

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    Anyway back to topic…

    move1285 I have replied to another topic with some details on how the plugin works which may be to your benefit! Check it out:

    Dean,thanks very much for the quick response. I do need real-life options so I appreciate and understand your answer. I will look into the links you gave me and contact you if I need further help.

    This plug-in seems to handle a very obvious need for user experience in complex websites. Much appreciation for spending the time to code a solution!

    hi I have created a site using wp, and i am using your AAPL plugin. the site URL is, installing the plugin already has made the site to work as needed, except that few of my side bar links have got videos in flv format, what happens is if i click on link it shows a black image and does not load the video, if i referesh the page the video plays.
    Please advice what should i do so that video plays on the click on left and right side bar menu. Please check the site


    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    Hey Chowla,
    you really should have setup a new topic for this… In any case I have had a look at your problem.

    Unfortunately the video plugin you are using at the moment is dropping script code in the page to setup and initialize the video – when you read HTML into a page with AJAX it automatically strips out the JavaScript for secruity purposes so any script coming in through AJAX is lost.

    There is not a way around this that I know of, so you will either have to find another video player plugin or make some big changes to how AAPL works so that you can automate this process.

    Once thing you could do though is disable AAPL when loading a page that has a video such as this on it, you can do this by adding part of the url into the ignore field in the admin interface.

    so I noticed all videos were under /sign-language/ – if you add that into the ignore box after a , then it will ignore all links that contain that text.

    Hi Dean,

    That really worked, First of all sorry for not creating a new post, i am new to forums so please forgive, can you send me a link to new forum. Also now adding /sign-language/ ignores ajax and the page reloads, that is absolutely fine. The thing is want to load these videos without going through page reload. You mentioned another plugin, and idea which plugin can work for FLV files. Please help. Also will start of the new forums once you send a link.

    THANKS A TON.. for such a quick response MUCH APPRECIATED

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    go to:

    at the bottom of the page is a form for creating a new topic, WordPress are not exactly making the interface easy to understand to be honest – so dont worry about it 🙂

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