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    Hi, I wish to limit the Ajax loading to the blog section of my site. I would like the sidebar in my blog section to load the content in the right hand side of the page, however I need the rest of the website to work as normal. To clarify, I only want the links in the sidebar to trigger the AJAX events. I have limited the ajax to the div with ID ‘contentright’ which is only on my blog pages however all other links for example the main menu items try to load their content in this same div.

    Is it possible to limit the links which trigger the AJAX loading?

    Thank you

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  • Yep. This plugin doesn’t help me without this.

    I just want a section that loads in a block of featured posts… All this does is load in pages… What if you have external URL’s???

    Plus, it doesn’t work in IE… Uninstalled… 😉

    Plugin Author Dean Williams


    Asha, firstly external URLS are ignored. Secondly you can use the “ignore patterns” to ignore pages/urls. Thirdly this plugin works fine in IE from IE6 and up – and only the “browser history” part is not supported because IE has not implemented this feature.
    What you need is completely different to what my plugin offers. Well done.

    Thanks for being a complete gonk!

    Glynn1987, we share the same year of birth!!! WHOOOO!! anyway yeah as I said above please refer to the ignore patterns to define what links to ignore on the reload.

    Yep I realised that – Uninstalled. Thanks for being insulting. I really appreciate all your help. Like a week later… Aaanyhoo. Onwards and upwards. I made my own solution.

    An option to ignore classes/ids would be nice!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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