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  • In the Manage / Ads page, when you add a new Ad, in the zones field type


    and then in your post content you can put


    or in your theme’s index.php, sidebar.php, or wherever… you can put

    <?php AdServe("myzone"); ?>

    You can define multiple zones, which means these are different places where ads might go. Just do the same thing again, changing “myzone” to “another-zone” for example.

    Hi Roger or anybody

    I have added this “<?php AdServe(“myzone”); ?>” to a sidebar widget, but I am not seeing any action in the ad report?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    You need to put the PHP code in a php file… most widgets will not be able to handle that PHP, and most widgets will not interpret the shortcode.


    If I add the Daiko text widget to the sidebar, will I be able to add the code?


    I added the Daiko text widget to the sidebar, which can display the php code, but I still don’t see any ad server results in the dashboard display.

    I did get a friend to click on the ad from a different ISP from mine, but I still see no counting…?

    Oh wait! I see results in the Manage/Ads section now. Not where I expected it to show.

    Adserve is very useful and much appreciated.

    But could you replace the portion in the readme.txt where it says

    * Modify your code (or theme code) adding *AdServe(“zone”)*
    where *zone* is the zone definition, i.e. AdServe(“music”)

    and have it read

    * Modify your code (or theme code) adding <?php AdServe(“myzone”); ?>
    where *zone* is the zone definition, i.e. <?php AdServe(“music”); ?>

    Hi i love the plugin but is their a way to show ad’s by category ie in the side bar if the user is viewing a category the banners they see are the one for ZONE that category say cars see car ad’s and house see house ad’s ?

    @thestig2 – Yeah, that’s the whole idea.

    $categories = get_the_category();

    This would work for the first category if there are more than one.

    Set up zones that match the slugs of your categories. (You can find that on the Edit Category admin page)


    My adds on are showing two or three of the exact add at a time and not rotating in any sequence. Is there a way to fix this?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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