[Plugin: AdSense Manager] Can't manage ads with adsense manager (4 posts)

  1. bsd13
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I can create new ads just fine but I can't get to the management console to delete, or modify existing ads. Each time I click "Show Ads" link it takes me back to this page -

    Manage Ad Units

    * Show Ads |
    * Create New Ad

    Name Slot Colours Format Alternate Notes Modify DA
    AdSense Create Ads...
    adlinksside 8207857935 160x90 160x90, created 2/9/09
    adlinkstop 4513515473 728x15 728x15, created 2/10/09
    banner-top 6546762318 468x60 468x60, created 10/16/08
    links 0906804808 468x15 468x15, created 10/13/08
    main 7038605752 300x250 blogging-main-body
    sidebar250 1492021190 250x250 250x250, created 10/13/08
    HTML Code
    co-1 x
    sidebar 120x600
    sidebar-promos 160x600

    By changing the Network settings you can update all Ads on a network at once.
    Default Ad indicates which Ad will be displayed in any space on your site where no specific ID is used.

    Ads can be included in templates using <?php adsensem_ad('name'); ?> or <?php adsensem_ad(); ?> for the default Ad.
    Ads can be inserted into posts / pages using [ad#name] or [ad] for the default Ad.
    Note that the old <!--adsense#name--> style still works if you prefer it.

  2. bsd13
    Posted 6 years ago #

    So this isn't resolved I still can't manage ads when I click the "Show ads" link. Takes me right back to the same page where I can click "Show Ads" (again) or "Create New Ad"

  3. girlpaint
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Where are these guys????? No support. I'm deactivating.

  4. mutube
    Posted 6 years ago #


    I was the developer of AdSense Manager but unfortunately (except for me) I am now doing a full time degree. Lead development of the plugin has been taken over by Scott Switzer of OpenX under the new name Advertising Manager.

    If you're using later than WP2.5 I recommend you upgrade to the new plugin where its very likely these issues have been resolved.

    All the best.

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