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  • Adrotate is a nice plugin but there are two huge things missing…

    As of the version I am using there is no way to backup and restore ads If you have a couple hundred ads like i do the time to place them into the plugin is quite long… having the ability to back them up other then a wordpress table backup would be nice.

    also PLEASE put all your work in your own table…
    Too many plugins store stuff all over in Options and Links and …
    use your own tables please for us??? and its got to be better for you too.

    It would also mean if the backup was a standard format then people could import their ads … csv xml whatever… although csv would probably be easier for most people.

    Second there are many options that people do not really need just to show an ad and if you set debug to show all lookups even a page with 5 ads will make dozens and dozens of calls.

    ClickTracking is nice.. Stats are Nice… but it is also nice if your pages load and dont take so many calls that a burst of traffic can put you offline before you can force your site to go full html in your cache plugin..

    So ummm … ability to turn off the options..
    Ability to turn off the RSS Feed connection… we dont need to be beacons telling your server hey here we are… but worse then that the RSS feeds often have corrupt characters that make it impossible to restore a WordPress backup.

    And plugin specific backups

    Just things to work on maybe…
    But turning off everything but what is only needed to feed ads would make life a lot easier.. and our loads much lighter.. and our hosting companies much happier.

    Thanks for the plugin …

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  • 1. Options/settings belong in wp_options. the rest has its own tables.

    2. A backup solution is already being looked at.

    3. Making impressions optional, just like click tracking is already being looked at.

    4. You’re not a beacon, it’s my way of communicating updates since so many people ignore our forum and website. Just like you didn’t bother with our issue tracker.

    5. The load is being looked at but for now there isn’t much we can do about that. Which has been on our blog/rss some time ago. Also if you’re on a decent host this shouldn’t be an issue.

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