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  • Hello – I agree. Extra divs appear to have been added to blocks with multiple ads, not to single ads.

    Okay – I found the blog post explaining what you have done, so now I can get rid of some of the CSS I created to deal with this. I believe this post is now resolved so will leave it to easternkicks to close if he wants 🙂 ?

    Hi Gavinwebb,

    Thanks for that. Very useful but I don’t see this as a resolution to the problem.

    I don’t see why all the ads in one block need to be set to one size. Or at least, allow the user to either set the size, or be able to leave that out, and not have a direct style applied to the ads (particularly float, which is causing the problem).

    I think what the creator of this plugin doesn’t realise is quite how flexible it is. Sure, you can use it for ‘proper’ ads, but it can also be used to randomly generate all sorts of content. In this context I use this more for editorial content promotions, hence the different sizes.

    It would be a more sensible solution to have the blocks and ads styles as a separate CSS file, not applied directly to each element like this. Then allow the user to create or amend the style separately. This is not meant as a criticism but maybe the developer hadn’t thought of this?

    In the meantime is there a way round this? Could I use groups instead of blocks, woud that fix it?


    I can’t get my ads to appear. No, it’s not AdBlock. I completely removed it and I see this in the source code:

    Error, Ad (ID: 2) is not available at this time due to schedule restrictions

    Which obviously means there’s something wrong with the ad schedule. But there isn’t. It’s clearly set to be showing at the current date and time.

    I only have one ad. I get the same error in the code when using blocks or groups.

    Weird. This plugin work’s perfectly fine on another website, albeit using a different theme.

    @blank artist, completely unrelated to this topic. Update to 3.7.2.

    @everyone else, try the latest beta –
    Use ‘auto’ for the height.

    Must login to download? How? What’s the login?

    Plugin Author Arnan de Gans


    Ahem. Not exactly obvious if you don’t mention, but thanks! 🙂


    I installed the beta and tried entering “auto” as you said, but it just defaults back to 125. Hope you can provide a fix for this.


    Plugin Author Arnan de Gans


    @easternkicks: it says you need to register and log in right below the downloads header.

    #atlasrider: i’m looking into various issues, one of which is the size issue.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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