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  • Don’t bother upgrading this plugin unless you are prepared to do a lot of work editing every one of your banners. That isn’t ever spelled out anywhere by the author or anyone else, but anyone thinking of upgrading from version 1.0 should be aware that none of your banners will be visible much less rotate until you go through and edit every one of them.

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  • I’m going to 100% agree with this review. AdRotate is a good plugin, but the author doesn’t understand how to write upgrade scripts that work. Amazing that every single upgrade breaks the plugin meaning time lost trying to fix the author’s poor planning. Unfortunate.

    I have finally upgraded to the latest version 2.2 and am using the link tracking. I must admit once you have it working it does work really well. I have however noticed anything above 1.0 does not work well in WordPress MU.

    Please, if you 2 really hate my plugin so much, go play in the sandpit, build a treehouse or set your dad’s car on fire for all i care. But stop moaning and bitching about my so-called inability to create upgrade scripts or lack of understanding on plugins altogether without at the very least pointing me in a direction which to your idea would solve your issues. Or even describe your issues. You are wasting your time. And more importantly my time.

    I can only assume that since the hundreds of other users didn’t complain about this and i myself on several sites had no issues with it either you just do not understand how to use a plugin. Or at the very least are not able to read a manual or instructions.

    I also conclude, yes i read the other topic as well, that my plugin does not satisfy you. So please make yourself useful and find another plugin. That way we can both be out of each others hair.

    Yep, as of 2.5.1, you still have to do this. Although it’s certainly not worth attacking the author of this wonderful, free plug-in that he’s coded for us… O.o

    By the way, as per the author’s suggestion, I went and set my dad’s car on fire, but that didn’t fix the issue. Just FYI.

    What does work is opening each banner, then saving it. You don’t have to edit them. Just open and save each one, and all will be well.

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