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    it is really superb plugin! A small piece of functionality I am missing, nevertheless… Is there any easy way how to implement individual configuration for items under new WP “nav-menus.php” “Screen Options” ?

    I would like to disable for some users items like “Link Relationship (XFN), Description, CSS Classes” and for CMS pure website probably “add-post, add-category and add-post_tag” items, too.

    Looking forward for future versions 🙂
    With best regards, Joo

    For everybody:
    Maybe there is some quick hack for “mytheme/function.php” there. Unfortunately, I was able to google out only some solutions for dashboard MetaBoxes, no links related to WP Menus. Thanks a lot for your help.

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  • Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    in the next version i have include this

    Hello Frank,
    I am afraid the new “WP Nav Menu options” in 1.7.13 section is not working… I have tried it both for the Admin and Editor roles – the fields are still displayed (no cache plugin activated), at least on my test site. Maybe important notice: Firebug shows me the IDs of relevant items as “add-page-hide”, “add-posts-hide”, “add-category-hide” etc. (it seems, the “hide” suffix is the problem)

    As far the latest posts in your forum – “Can’t load menu and submenu” issue: yes, the user has to Deactivate/Activate plugin when upgrading. I have seen this message not only today, but in older versions of the plugin, too.

    Unfortunately there is probably some glitch in “Import .SEQ file” with options”. Not sure how many people use it – but in my case importing of .SEQ leads to “all options are unchecked” result. It is a pitty, because it is really a VERY useful function! Especially in case of Deactivate/Activating of plugin as I mentioned. I have noticed this behaviour at first for 1.7.12 version (probably the first attempt, a couple of days ago).

    Sorry for not very good news…
    With best regards,

    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    please see on this thread
    and now you can use 1.7.14 and please give me a feedback after testing. THANKS

    the 1.7.14 version has the same behaviour as the 1.7.13 (WP Menu Options, import of SEQ data file)

    Good luck, Joo

    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    @joo-joo: i will see for this problems. the import/export function i will check. But for the menu settings: this is confused. works so fine on my sites, all.

    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    @joo-joo: i have tested and debugged the export/import functions, works on all tests very fine. PLease can you send me an example and it is important, that the plugin can save the file in wp-content – please check the rights?

    Hello Frank,
    sorry for the late reply.

    1] Import SEQ problem:
    Yes, the problem was really the “wp-content” folder permissions! To my surprise the import requires “775”, nevertheless a standard “production” settings of this folder is “755”… I am afraid I am not the only person surprised by this a bit (maybe some error message would be helpful for people like me 🙂

    2] WP Nav Menu Options
    Sorry, not working. As I mentioned a few days ago: there are the DIFFERENT IDs for the elements under the “Screen Options” for “WP Nav Menu” page.
    So I have changed the options in your file “wp_nav_menu_options.php” like this temporarily:
    #add-post —> #add-post-hide
    #add-category —> #add-category-hide
    The result: it seems for the roles < Admin it is a partial success: the checkboxes are really gone. BUT – the labels are still visible. The reason is obvious – relevant elements are coded in this way:

    <label for="add-post-hide">
    <input class="hide-postbox-tog" name="add-post-hide" type="checkbox" id="add-post-hide" value="add-post" />Posts</label>

    It seems in case of “hiding of WP Nav Menu Options” is situation for your plugin more complicated – the <label> elements do not have their own IDs…

    Cheers, Joo

    one more remark – “Your own post options” seems not to be working for “WP Nav Menu Options” section, too (the “Post”, “Page” sections are OK – Adm.1.7.14 + WP3.0.1)

    Hello Frank,
    I am sorry, but there is probably some more serious problem in 1.7.14.

    I was so focused on “WP Menu” problem I did not notice that all the disabled options for the Editor role are still fully accessible! And it is not related to WP3.1 only – my test site is still based on WP3.0.1 What is worse, it is not quite repeatable behaviour – on another test site was everything OK. On the problematic site did not help neither the “Delete Options” (the button on plugin’s admin screen) nor re-activating of the plugin.

    Unfortunately, I had to back to version 1.7.12 for now – this version is OK everywhere (yes, from time to time returns a message: “Can’t load menu and submenu” message + some minor warning “…on line 801” or so under the asmin page).

    I am sorry I do not have a better news for you, but I hope it will help you to track down the issue…
    It seems there is a few other people experiencing something like this (another posts).

    Good luck, Joo

    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    @joo-joo: thanks for reply.
    1. yes, i see this also and will add hints for rights on the folder, but maybe i will use the folder wp-content/uploads – maybe this is easier to have rights for write file.

    2. i have seen for this and all add* was create dynamicly and maybe i have found an soltution for this.

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