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  • Resolved debsch


    What does this line mean?
    “The settings page ignores this settings and view all areas!”

    Since the most recent upgrade this warning has been displayed.

    I know English is not the plugin author’s first language but I really don’t get the warning. What do I do to fix it?

    (It’s a great 5 star plugin by the way that I use a lot!)

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  • Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    Yes, english ist not my first language.
    But the message is important; on the settings page do not working the settings of the plugin; go on an other page and you see your results of the settings; please give me an feedback for better grammer for this statement.

    Hi and thank you for your reply.

    Correct grammar for the message is:
    “The settings page ignores these settings and views all areas!”

    But I’m still not sure what the message means.
    I’ve updated some settings on options-general.php?page=adminimize/adminimize.php and everything is working, things are hidden from certain users. The message still displays. So I’m not doing something.

    Which “settings page” do you mean? Could you add a link or “call to action” to the message to tell people how to fix the error?

    I do understand basic German. Could you write here the German version of that message please? Maybe that will help.

    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    if you exclude items from the menu, on your role as Administratar, then dont work this, if you view the settings page of Adminimize; an example: exclude the dashboard item, and leave on the settings page, then ist this menu item always on view; not hide.
    Thanks for your help.

    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge



    Attention: The settings page ignores these Menu settings and views the menu with all entries!

    So I read over and over what you said and NOW I UNDERSTAND!


    If I make a change, for example, use Adminimize to hide the TOOLS menu item (between USERS & SETTINGS), while logged in as admin, I need to navigate away from Adminimize, to a different admin page, to see that the TOOLS menu has disappeared! If I stay on the Adminimize settings page, I can STILL SEE TOOLS, the Adminimize menu settings are ignored…

    I know what you mean now!

    I will post up what I think is a good (short) explanation in English and if you want you can use it.

    Please note: The Adminimize settings page ignores the Menu Options below and displays the menu with all entries.

    Optional addition to the message above… a call to action…

    “To view your changes to the menu you need to navigate away from the Adminimize settings page.”

    And if you want you could also change “ATTENTION:” (which sounds dramatic and sounds like there is an error, when there is no error) to “PLEASE NOTE:”

    Also, hope you don’t mind me correcting these spelling errors too, on your plugin description page…

    Scoll automatocly to the Textbox, when you click the write-button.
    Scroll automatically to the Textbox, when you click the write-button.

    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    Hello debsch,
    thanks a lot; I will now include this in the current version, no new version for the grammer correction. I have kill the grammer bug on description, I have exclude this option, is not possible since WP 3.3.

    No worries! Glad I could help. It is a great plugin – makes the back end look neat and tidy.

    And as I said before Ich habe ein bisschen Deutsch gelernt (in Luxembourg 20 years ago!) if I can help again just ask.

    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    Thanks for your offer, but i will learn english and the processe is to long, before I as other persons 😉

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