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    Anyway to change the display order to display in title order instead of by post ID??? I love that it displays the post/page ID, but I think my clients will be able to manage things better if the items were listed in title order..

    and just curious, how does this menu behave on LARGE blogs with a couple hundred posts/pages???

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  • I figured out how to change the display order.. For those who want to make the same change go to admin-quick-jump/jck-quick-jump.php. Find this line (it’s in TWO places in this file):


    change it to:

    ORDER BY post_title ASC

    This changes the dropdown to order the pages/posts by title in ascending order.

    I still would like some feedback on how does this menu behave on LARGE blogs with a couple hundred posts/pages…

    Plugin Author jamesckemp


    Hey, sorry for the slow reply – I don’t get notified of these things!

    I need to make a couple of updates to this plugin ideally:

    Order by post_title (perhaps the option to choose
    And also, indent subpages.

    If there are a lot of posts or pages the list just becomes scrollable.

    Thanks, glad you like it!

    Plugin Author jamesckemp


    Updated the plugin!

    Updates include:

    1. Page Hierarchy
    2. Ordered by title (Good thinking)
    3. Plugin is now written in a class

    Let me know what you think

    Wow you are awesome!!! Much better.. 🙂

    I guess I’m gonna have to wait and see how this behaves as the client’s site gets bigger.. I am super concerned about how the performance of this dropdown will be as the number of posts increases.. The number pages will be somewhat steady.. Posts are a different matter..

    Plugin Author jamesckemp



    I don’t think there will be any performance issues as such, it should render the list pretty quickly. It may become tedious having a lot of posts to scroll through though – I will consider some sort of solution…

    You rock.. this is a neat plugin.. makes things so much easier..



    I preferred when it was ordered by post ID makes more sense… maybe I will edit the code and see what I come up with…




    $jck_posts_recent = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT ID, post_title FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE $wpdb->posts.post_parent = 0 AND $wpdb->posts.post_type = '$posttype' AND $wpdb->posts.post_status = 'publish' ORDER BY ID DESC LIMIT 10");

    I would love to see this, adds the 10 most recent published post then goes alphabetically… you may prefer by post ID, but most “non-techy” folks will have a difficult time managing posts that way since the post ID means nothing to them.. Alphabetical order makes more sense and since the post ID is retained in the display for those who need that can still get it.. Of course if that doesn’t work for ya, you can always modify the sort order to suit your OWN situation.. I’m glad james made the change..

    As for your posted code, there’s nothing to stop you from modifying the plugin to suit your own needs.. Unless james decides to he wants to update this plugin to admin options so that everyone can get all the many options they might want/desire/suggest, you may have to continue to modify the plugin as your unique needs require..



    @divavocals when it is ordered by post ID the name still shows it just shows the 10 most recent post first, then it goes alphabetically… Users tend to make changes to their most recent post as is the default way in the wp post screen!!!

    I agree with @shawnsandy and found it weird to read that it used to be post_id and now changed to alphabetical order.

    I will try your solution! On which line do I have to add that code?



    Yea, it was a weird change, here is a gist link to the modified code
    Modified version

    Thanks shawnsandy, this works perfect!

    Now hopefully for the people who are using WPML this thread gets a solution soon too 🙂

    Plugin Author jamesckemp


    Hey guys, I found it easier to navigate in alphabetical order, especially for larger sites. However I will add an options page for users to choose their own set ups. Anything else need doing?

    Awesome that you all agree with each other.. the topic of my original post was regarding my inquiry and solution to change to sort order to alphabetical. IMHO, NON TECHNICAL users tend to look for things in an order they understand.. Alphabetical is an order THEY understand NOT post ID.. Especially for larger sites.. Especially when the users are the “non-techy” types.. Which is why I started this thread, and posted my earlier fix, and why James made the change to the plugin..

    All that said this isn’t about who’s right or wrong.. You should feel free to do what I originally did. Modify the sort to order to suit YOUR OWN needs.If James is so inclined, he will update his FREE plugin to allow users to choose their own setup.. But IMHO a continued back and forth discussion on HOW James SHOULD chose to code his FREE plugin is non-productive.. posted a solution for your particular sorting needs.. Problem solved.. Right???

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