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  • Resolved Mikko Saari


    This plugin is a great idea and something I really need. However, it doesn’t quite work… it seems to be skipping entries.

    If I for example choose entry 1744, I would expect the previous entry to be 1742 and next 1753 – those are the previous and next entry in the WordPress post listing. I have edit privileges for both, as I’m the author of both.

    Instead I get 849 as previous and 1801 as next. If I click myself to the previous entry, the next entry isn’t 1744, but 1599.

    This is odd and makes this highly useful and necessary plugin unusable, which is a pity. This should really be a standard feature in WordPress.

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  • Ok, figured it out. The problem is the way the query sorts the posts by post_date. If some entries have an older date but a bigger ID, it will mess the logic of this plugin. If I change the sort column to ID, then everything works as it should.

    Moderator Scott Reilly


    WordPress & Plugin Developer

    Thanks for the feedback msaari!

    Version 1.5 of the plugin introduces the change you made manually: posts are now sorted by ID rather than post_date. There are filters in place to modify that behavior if someone likes to do things differently. The post navigation handling has been improved as well.

    Is there any way to have the previous/next buttons go to the previous/next post based on original publish date? I can’t find any settings anywhere…

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