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    I’m working on developing a plugin and I’m running into some issues with the layout of the admin pages.

    My problem is that I have tabs built into the page and the content of the tabs are overlaying the wpfooter content. When I scroll down, the black bar to the left goes away as I scroll. To me, it seems as though something is ignoring the length of the tab content when the window is drawn.
    The tabs are created using radio buttons CSS to check whether or not each button is checked.

    I followed the structure of:

    PHP code here
    <div class="wrap">
    Admin page content within tabs

    I’ve looked at the code of some other plugins and I can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong. Are there any special rules on the kind of CSS which can be used within the WP-Admin pages?

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.

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  • It looks like it has to do with a CSS positioning setting as “absolute”. If I remove the absolute, it fixes the problem but causes another (always seems to be the case).

    The issue seemed to be creeping up with how the tabs were written. I grabbed some code from a website and modified it until it worked for me. They had the tabs opacity changing with an ease in and out. I switched the opacity to a display and now it works without the ease in and out.

    I guess I deserved this for grabbing code off the internet.

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