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  • I have encountered this problem before…never found a solution. Perhaps someone else has?

    When moving menu items around in Admin Menu Editor, often the URL for accessing that page gets changed so that clicking the menu item results in a 404 error. Here is a specific example I am currently dealing with:

    I have the plugin “Smallerik FiB” installed. It creates its own Top Level menu item to contain all its settings pages. Using Admin Menu Editor I want to move all those settings pages into the “Settings” menu, then hide the “Smallerik FiB” menu.

    When you click on, for example, the display options page that exists within the Smallerik FiB menu, the URL looks like this:

    In the Admin Menu Editor panel for the top level Smallerik menu, it shows the URL as “wpfib-menu”. And the Display Options submenu URL is shown to be “wpfib-submenu-display”.

    Now, when you move the Display Options menu into the Settings menu and click on it, the URL it tries to go to is:

    This produces a 404 error, since the page in question should have, before the ?, admin.php instead of wpfib-menu.

    I have tried changing the URLs displayed in Admin Menu editor to reflect the full URL including the admin.php but that doesn’t work. I have also tried changing the URL of the Root menu from wpfib-menu to admin.php, which also causes problems.

    Does anyone know of a way to alter the portion of the URL that comes before the “?” in Admin menu editor menu items that have been moved?

    Any help or advice is appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Plugin Author Janis Elsts


    This is a known issue with the free version of the plugin. The way that WordPress generates a plugin menu URL from its slug (“wpfib-menu”) is pretty complicated, and if you move the menu around with the plugin WordPress can get confused and output an invalid URL.

    Usually you can work around the problem by entering the full URL in the menu editor, but you mentioned that doesn’t work in your case. What happens if you try? Did you remember to include the protocol (http://) in the URL, and what URL did you see when you clicked on the menu?

    By the way, the Pro version is not affected by this problem.

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