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  • Hey karimawad,

    did you change the orderby parameter to menu_order?

    hmm… don’t see that parameter. do i fix that in my main page template?

    Ah, sorry, that’s not what I meant really. I see in the post admin there is a place for post order, but that doesn’t seem to do anything. I have the home page setup to display by categories so that’s not a problem, I just need to change which posts are displayed (aka the top 10 for some sections, first 5 etc.) not based on post date.

    you can see the site at


    The post order does not work for me.

    I want to cahgner tyhe default order (latest post at the top) to the oldest post at the top.

    Please suggest me a fix for this.

    I have installed the admin-management-plugin but the post order does not seem to work for me.

    You don’t need a plugin for that. Just take a look over here:

    orderby=date & order=DESC

    Hi Aplhawolf,

    Thanks for the immediate response.
    I am very much new to wordpress adn could not really understand the content of thsi link above.

    Can u please guide me on where do I need to do this change (I mean in which file).

    Thanks again.

    Hi Alphawolf,

    even this order will be ASC or DESC.
    I need to sho=w the oldest post first and the latest at the end.

    Please let me know anout the location and the file whcih I need to change for this as I have no clues on php.



    Even this order will be ASC or DESC.
    I need to show the oldest post first and the latest at the end.

    Please let me know about the location and the file and which file eed to change for this as I have no clues on php.

    SHOW ME HOW … Change how posts are ordered.


    jomala has a greate interface there ju just click up and down on posts as by this plugin (with pages)….

    why is this possibility not there ???? no code editing I just want to drag posts to be in order … easy and simple



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    Please don’t SHOUT. It’s unnecessary and does not win you any friends or favours.

    🙁 it was not my purpose … I was just soooo disapointed because I have so long looked for this … easy administration of post and pages and reordering … I so a joomla verion and was so inspired

    Post order can already be changed with the plugin itself. Just not via drag’n’drop, that’s only possible for pages atm.

    In order to make custom posts order work, you have to change the post loop in your template. Per default, posts are ordered from newest to oldest.

    Just have a look at the link you posted on how to change your template.

    so on the WP between 13000plugins is not 1 that alows you to “easily” chandge post order ? without code editing or reading 1000 words about what to do ??? … I saw one in joomla and I understod it in 0.5s !!!! just pres up and down and gues what … that’s it … no template editing changing nothing

    its so easy to make in admin manager plugin one click publish/unpublish but to tell go one up in the post order …you have to go crazy

    I just dont understand that … there are 100form plugins but not a one like this

    Well, you probably misunderstand something. The plugin provides the possibility already.

    However, WordPress is based on themes/templates that you have to edit a little bit in order to reflect the post order changes. That’s it.

    More than that, you probably don’t get that while WP is a CMS as well, it is basically a blog software. That implies having posts ordered from newest to oldest by default.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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