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  • Great minds think alike. I’ve been working on getting the Admin Bar to be delayed for some time, now, and your plugin took care of it nicely. The reason I’ve been interested in this is that I am the author of Admin Menus Fixed plugin that re-orders, groups and compresses Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu, the Admin Bar and the Admin Header/User Menu. The Admin Bar’s immediate default dropdown response, of course, then steps on Ozh’ menu if you overshoot. Your plugin solves that nicely and is a perfect companion to mine.

    With your permission, I’ll add a link to Admin Bar Hover Intent on my plugin readme, so that users can solve this problem easily. I’d also like to ask if later on I might be allowed to incorporate your code into mine, with obvious credit of course, so that its functionality gets implemented all at the same time. Do you think that this is agreeable?

    One bug I did find: I had to disable

    body.js-on #wpadminbar .quicklinks li:hover,
    #wpadminbar .quicklinks .selected {
    	background: none;

    in the CSS, as removing the dark grey background (on my theme anyway) did not allow the hovered link to display properly. The text is reversed out over the dark grey background when hovered and, with no dark background, it becomes a series of lines: white text over black text with a vertical shift.

    Might also consider adding an options screen or providing instructions in your readme for tweaking the hoverintent settings. I found that adding in:

    sensitivity: 2,
    interval: 200,

    to hoverintent config increased my accuracy with fewer “mis-mouses”. 🙂

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