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  • Hi, this plugin looks great and seems to work ok – but I have a problem with the visual editor removing all my rel= labels from elements I would like to use as triggers – don´t you have the same problem? The “class” and the “id” is preserved, but without “rel”, well…

    I have personally no problem using the html editor, but some users, who are editing and translating text, will certainly edit the sites content with the visual editor and therefor kill the aj functionality if they come across a page with it… so this is an evil time bomb.

    How to prevent this?

    How do you handle this?

    Seems to be the only problem so far, I really love these minimal things, thank you very much – if you have an idea for solving the problem described above you will be my “maximal minimal developer of the month”! 😉

    Thanks for your attention,

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  • Ok, I have to correct a little bit, but the problem persists – I used the wrong tags with “rel” attribute, so wordpress removed them.

    But now the visual editor is removing the id attribit from div tags that should be hidden! If I put just a little bit more content inside div tags then for some reason the id disappears after a visual edit and the content is not possible to display.

    I know the editor can be a real pain, however I can not remove it and would like to have some collapsable texts on a few pages that others will see in visual editor – how to stop this id-killing?


    OMG this is so ill, please read:

    However, when this is fixed, I still have he problem that people writing in the visual editor near the div tag that has the aj class, this div tag will be muliplied – without an id and therefore maybe without problems, however it still keeps the door open for new complications…

    How yre you using / configuring TinyMCE to have a smooth workflow also with visual editor, without breakig anything?

    (To say the truth I am wonderig why these kind of problems still are not fixed in 2012 – crazy!)

    OK, your plugin is nice, do not get me wrong, however I can find no way integrating TinyMCE Editor with he div tags – on editing div tags are multiplied, so that content is hidden that should not be hidden, generally the visual editor behaves like crazy, adds tags where I do not need them, generally it just fux up the code.

    So atm my conclusion with this: if you use it, never ever touch a page created with multiple collapsable areas with the visual editor, because everything will just be destroyed.

    If anybody can push me to a direction how to perform clean adding of divs and still be able to use TinyMCE, please show me how. I see that there are many plugins that try to fix, but the visual editor still is a PITA if you need control over your html – missing Dreamweaver at this point 🙂

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