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  • Martin


    I’m a little unsure what the ‘All Visitors’ option is all about.
    It’s unticked by default so does this mean it overwrites every other option OR is it a catch-all that displays if all the other options are unforfilled?

    Please can anyone clarify this option for me?

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  • Can I repeat this question.
    I too am a little confused.
    What if I want everyone to simply tweet the page?


    Plugin Contributor Sol


    Sorry for the delay in responding. The “All Visitors” option is a catch-all that is placed at the bottom of your rules. If none of your other rules match the user, the “All Visitors” rule will be executed. I hope this makes sense, please let me know if you have additional questions.

    Can I repeat the question – What if I want everyone to simply tweet the page?

    Thanks Sol

    Plugin Contributor Sol


    Sorry I didn’t fully answer you question. If you want to show everyone the same bar and have them Tweet the page, uncheck the other options (Twitter, Facebook, Google), select “All Visitors”, set the Button Action to “Share” and specify Button Text to something like “Tweet This!”. Let me know if that doesn’t fully answer your question now.

    Welcome bar had been working fine for a while, but now does not appear on my website or on the previews. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


    Hello Sol,
    Am I missing something?
    Did as you said – except clicking the button sends the visitor to Facebook, not Twitter.
    Where is the choice of socialmedia set?

    Plugin Contributor Sol


    Hi Ian, sorry, by default, when you use the All Visitors and the Share option, we default the button to share to the user’s preferred Social Network. The current interface doesn’t provide a way to override this for All Visitors. If you would want to specify Twitter specifically, you’ll have to use the “Edit Plugin Code (Advanced)” option and use the following code:

    “backgroundColor”: “#000000”,
    “buttonColor”: “#098DF4”,
    “textColor”: “#FFFFFF”,
    “buttonTextColor”: “#FFFFFF”
    “name”: “AnyOther”,
    “action”: {
    “type”: “button”,
    “text”: “Tweet This!”,
    “verb”: “share”,
    “service”: “twitter”

    Sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll be adding this to our feature backlog to make this type of change easier.

    Plugin Contributor Sol


    bbq797 – could you provide me a link to your site with the plugin activated? My current test systems appear to be working just fine, so I’ll need to see you site to investigate further.

    Internet Marketing & Sales Growth for Small Businesses

    Working now I think Sol.
    Thanks for your help

    Hi Sol,

    Thanks very much for looking into it!

    My website is

    Plugin Contributor Sol


    bbq797 – Looking at your site, there’s a Javascript error occurring:

    Uncaught TypeError: Object function (test_var) { // useful method for “class” Array
    var r = this.indexOf(test_var, 0);
    return (r!=undefined && (r != -1)) ;
    //return this.indexOf(test_var, 0) != -1;//this breaks on special conditions for all browsers exept firefox.
    } has no method ‘indexOf’

    This comment is above the code:

    <!– Clicky Web Analytics –, WordPress Plugin by Yoast – –>

    I think this error is causing other Javascript on the page to fail including the Welcome Bar. If you can remove the Javascript above, let me know if that fixes the Welcome Bar.

    Hey Sol, would you also take a look at my blog? The plugin is installed and set up, but it does not show!

    Stratos’ Sphere


    Plugin Contributor Sol


    Sure thing (great blog name by the way). It looks like you have it installed correctly, you’re not going to see the Welcome Bar unless you are coming from one of the services you specified: Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn. If you want the Welcome Bar to show always, make sure to select the “All Visitors” option from the configuration tool. That will be used if the user doesn’t fall into one of the other rules. I hope that makes sense, let me know if you have questions.

    Thanks for the feedback (and the kind words!)

    I have noticed that when AddThis Welcome Bar is installed and activated, then the plugin AddThis Share keeps deactivating by itself. So, I deactivated the welcome bar.

    Also, on a different matter, AddThis Share always displays a message in the settings page:

    Your AddThis sharing plugin has been updated.
    Revert back to previous version

    OK, my bad. The deactivation problem with AddThis Share is independent of the Welcome Bar. It keeps deactivating by itsel.

    I think it has to do with the “updated” status. It keeps thinking that it’s just been updated and it waits for activation. How do I fix this?

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