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  • Also having this issue. Have opened multiple threads on their website with no response.

    We also have an issue with this plugin running WordPress 3.4.1.
    Our live wordpress site is running 3.3.2 and it works fine. We have a test platform setup offline, so that we can test upgrades and changes before going live.
    On testing the upgrade to WordPress 3.4.1, the AddThis icons no longer show.

    Our blog homepage only shows the blog post excerpts, rather than the full post. The AddThis icons do NOT show on our homepage anymore, but do show if you go to the full blog post.

    I have discovered, that the issue is with excerpts only, regardless of the template used.

    In the code for “index.php”, we have the code “<?php the_excerpt(); ?>”. If this code is changed to “<?php the_content(); ?>”, which shows the full blog post on the homepage, the AddThis icons show up!

    I have posted directly on the AddThis support forums, but have not a response yet that helps solve the problem.

    Any help will be appreciated, as we want to keep on the latest version of Workpress where possible.

    Apologies for the delay.

    @graycreative and @nesta747, can you explain your problem? What isn’t working? Just not showing up or creating an error?

    @russ_s By design we do not modify the_excerpt unless you set “Show AddThis on excerpts” to true in the Advanced tab of the Settings page. Does that resolve your problem?


    Matt thanks for your reply.

    We have the “Show AddThis on excerpts” set to true on the Advanced Tab. The issue is the AddThis icons do not show up on excerpts.
    This appears to be regardless of which template is used.

    I have to-date only attempted to upgrade WordPress to 3.4.1 on our test platform, as i need to know all is working correctly before i upgrade the live blog site.

    Thanks Russ.

    I also have the issue of icons not showing up. I’m showing the_content() but I use “more” tags occasionally to generate a read more button. I thought it was an issue of not calling wp_footer(), but I’ve tried adding that to no avail.


    @drokkon Can you post a link to a page that demonstrates the problem? Or barring that, could you share your theme with me or some other code that I could use to set up a problem site locally? (matt at addthis dot com)

    @russ_s Is your test platform publicly addressable?


    Hi Matt
    MY test platform is not public unfortunatly, it is local to a machine.
    However, i have disabled the AddThis plugin and am now using “Social Sharing Toolkit”, which is ultimatly more configurable and works fully with Wordress 3.4.1.
    I have since upgraded my live blog to WordPress 3.4.1 and all is good.
    Thanks anyway…

    Sorry we couldn’t help you, Russ. What features in particular from SST would have been nice to have in our plugin?

    SST gives you the ability to add three types of Facebook sharing buttons and also allows you to pick what social buttons you want to show. Therefore you can have as few, or as many as you like. Also it gives you the ability to re-order the buttons, so you can show them it a chosen order.
    I have not removed AddThis, just disabled it. If the AddThis plugin begins to work correctly on Excerpts in WordPress 3.4.1 at a later date i may re-enable it, as we use AddThis plugin on our Joomla website.

    Cool. We do support that custom ordering through the plugin as an advanced option, but we believe our personalized ordering for each user tends to have higher throughput.

    We’ll definitely let you know when we figure out your excerpt problem!


    My icons aren’t showing up on posts, but only on pages, or other boxes i check in advanced settings. But not on posts at all.

    The sharing icons aren’t showing for me on Posts either (WP ver 3.4.1 and Plugin ver 2.4.3). Loved the Plugin when it worked so would love for this to be fixed.

    @americangreenroofing and @ecksteing, can you link to your sites?

    @ecksteing did the icons suddenly disappear with the update?


    Hi Matt,

    Im also having an issue with new plugin. Seems to work on the twentyten theme just not mine. (Was working before the latest updates on my theme)

    Can see it in the code but doesnt display:

    Have a look here

    Kind Regards


    @matt Yes, the icons disappeared after the latest update. The icons should be appearing at the top and bottom of any of the individual Posts at

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