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  • Resolved Wandi45367


    First of all, your Plugin is very good and I use it on all of my blogs.

    The new Version 2.1.0 has a bug.

    When I open a new article, the AddQuickTag Buttons are missing, only the standard buttons are shown. (I use the code-editor, not the visual editor)

    The AddQuicktag-Buttons appear after I saved the Post once.

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  • I just did the update and having the same issue as Wandi45367. Thank you Wandi45367 for stating a work around (I save as draft to bring back the tags). I was going bananas trying to figure out how to bring back the tags, as I have so many that I use on my posts.

    I too use only the code-editor and not the visual editor.

    I hope that you will have a solution for this issue. Thank you for a wonderful plugin!

    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    Yes, I have see this bug and also fixed on the github repo. But I will include new features and then was a new release here.
    see Repo:

    Mr. Bültge,

    I replaced the files with the ones from Github, and everything is working great! The issue of the tags not showing unless the post/page is saved has been resolved.

    Greatly appreciate for the quick fix!

    Best regards!

    Thank you so much, I love this plugin, it rockkks!

    Unfortunatly the new version 2.2.0 from today does not work at all in my blogs in the code-editor.

    Not before I save the draft and not after I save it.

    I even deinstalled the plugin and reinstalled it. But it does not work.

    Please fix it Frank.

    Sorry Frank,
    now I realised that I have to activate the checkboxes for the post-editor.
    Now it is working.

    But why are these checkboxes not aktivated by default? It’s a little confusing.

    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    Today, I will release a new version with more features; please update and see the settings.

    Re the checkboxes, any of three improvements would be helpful:
    – default is all boxes checked (as mentioned earlier in this thread)
    – a “check all boxes” option
    – Export to also include all the checkboxes as well – so that when I upload from local site to online, the AddQuicktags file also imports the checkboxes as well.

    Excellent plugin, great work.

    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    If you export your settings, that export the plugin all checkboxes; on the import check the plugin, if the same string is possible and an active.

    The first idea to active automaticly all checkboxes is not so easy after update. But an extr checkbox for all is sure possible ; I will see for the next version.

    I checked my exported AddTags file, and I saw that the checkbox information was in the file, as you said. However, when I imported that file into an existing AddTags active installation, while the Tags imported successfully, the boxes remained unchecked.

    I may be doing something wrong, just providing you with some feedback. Thanks.

    oohhh, there are new checkboxes! i’ve been wondering why the buttons didn’t show up after the update.
    thanks for this discussion! 🙂

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