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  • When I try to regenerate additional sizes, I get the error:
    error_getting_dimensions:: Could not calculate resized image dimensions
    I have been looking through the code a bit and it seems to not be the plugin itself that generates the error but wp’s image_resize(). Will post if come up with a solution… gd is installed and the blog behaves well in other respects, so I don’t think it’s my environment, but one never knows… Just thought I’d alert it here..

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  • had this problem too. same all round.

    it works when I use “300px” as the value, instead of just “300”.
    the px is the important bit, not 300 🙂

    random. hope that fixes it for you too.

    Nope, sorry, that wasn’t actually a solution. It seemed to work once, but I couldn’t replicate it.

    My new theory is that it works only when you have at least two additional image sizes defined. That’s what it had when I was testing the above solution, one with px, one without, but as soon as I deleted the non-px one, the px one didn’t work anymore either.

    If you have two it works, but for some reason it will still generate an error, even though it follows by saying that it worked. Double random.

    Tried with two images and two image sizes and got the following result:

    Something(s) went wrong:
    error_getting_dimensions: Could not calculate resized image dimensions
    error_getting_dimensions: Could not calculate resized image dimensions

    That went quite well:
    Resized IMG_0033 to size Excerpt.
    Resized IMG_0033 to size Featured.
    Resized TK Test Image to size Excerpt.
    Resized TK Test Image to size Featured.

    nope – doesn’t work. WP 3.0 i guess.

    Hi, i got the same problem, but now I found a workaround. Process the images with the plugin “regenerate thumbnails (viper007bond)”



    I think the underlying issue with this plugin is it needs to get the single full sized images from the post attachment, not all sizes, then create a new size for the ones from this plugin. Otherwise it throws an error because its trying to resize an image that is already the max w / h. I may try and sort this if I can find time.

    I think you figured out the problem mardala.
    I didn’t notice the problem until a client cropped an image using the WP admin image editor. That was when the error started in my themes. Until the image editor is used there doesn’t seem to be a problem.

    Hopefully the Walter is still around and will fix this. If not I am curious if you are seriously going to tackle this or if I need to start looking into doing it myself?

    I will try! I’ve got limited time and have a few issues piled up I want to fix, including this one. I will definitely post back here if I find a solution.

    I’ve revised the plugin and will be re-releasing it as soon as the review team get’s back to me. All the resize errors are resolved. A variety of minor bugs were fixed. And I added the ability to resize the built-in WordPress sizes ‘thumbnail, ‘medium’, and ‘large’ if the image size is changed in the Settings > Media options.

    You can test the new revised “Additional Image Sizes (zui)” out from the source at github.

    Indeed I would appreciate the help testing it out and making sure I actually fixed everything. It also runs a little faster now but not much I can do with how long the actual images take to resize.

    This functionality is also included ready-to-go in my new platform/framework plugin Kitchen Sink HTML5 Base if you are interested in trying out another new plugin.

    The updated version of “Additional Image Sizes (zui)” is available in the WordPress repository.

    All the errors of the original plugin fixed and some new functionality added (resizing predefined WordPress default sizes ‘thumbnail’, ‘medium’, and ‘large’). It has also been optimized somewhat and gives more control over how many images are processed at a time and to increase the time limit for script processing.

    Special thanks to Ami for testing everything and the great ideas.

    Hope this helps some of you out.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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