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  • Hi Peter,

    Yes, the AddToAny sharing/bookmarking menu has been translated to German, but the plugin (language in the Settings panel) has not been translated to German yet.

    Note that the AddToAny drop-down menu automatically switches to German when the user’s locale is German.

    The plugin itself supports these other languages so far: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Catalan, Russian, Albanian, Romanian, Belarusian. It could always use more. 🙂

    Hi there…
    bring it on… send me the phrases to translate into german, and I’ll see what I can do!

    Hi, I’m currently using the sharethis plugin but I can’t seem to get it to show up on my site. Any idea why?

    Peter, you’ve been emailed!

    @oscarkool Please post a new topic if you’re using the “Add to Any” plugin.

    Hi guys,

    I installed the plugin on a french blog but everything seems to be in english. I just would like the pop up to be in French. I saw the demo on the plugin homepage and it was in french on my browser so I think there a french version, no ?



    Hi Francis,

    The plugin has been translated into 11 languages so far, but surprisingly not French yet!

    Great point about the demo. In the next WordPress plugin release, the drop-down menu will automatically be in French for French speaking users. Same goes for over 50 other languages.

    Hi, thank you for this great plugin.

    I’m French but my blog is in English and the drop-down menu displays in French 🙁 How can I change it to English?


    AllyV4, it displays in French because either

    1. your browser’s locale is set to French (the menu automatically translates per individual user, depending on the user’s language settings), or
    2. your WordPress is set to French, in which case the plugin will display in French for all users (let us know if this is a problem)


    Thanks for the plugin, I’ve been thinking of using one also.

    Hi all, I am trying to get it to work in Portuguese and failing miserably. What do I need to do? it has the Portuguese language file so not sure what it needs.

    Since the plugin’s language file is ‘pt_PT’, you would need to change the value of WPLANG to ‘pt_PT’ in your wp-config.php file. (Per this.)

    define ('WPLANG', 'pt_PT');

    Then the plugin and drop-down menu will appear in Portuguese. 🙂

    Thanks it was a cache problem, more then a problem of code 😀

    What about making the button in a portuguese version?

    Nice. 🙂

    While we don’t package in buttons for additional languages because it would significantly increase the plugin filesize, you’re welcome to create and use your own button. Many others have:

    You can configure custom buttons in Settings > Share/Save Buttons

    Yhanks 😀 Better then thanks

    Hi “micropat” and thank you for your answer. I don’t know what went wront but now it’s ok…

    FYI my WordPress is not set to French, all is in English and I use Safari as a brower, I guess that it’s “officially” in French as the menus are written in French :-/

    Thanks again anyway!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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