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  • Resolved Agnes


    Hello, I was using your plugin v0.3 with great happiness. I upgraded WP and several plugins, and got a problem:
    Line breaks as well as paragraphs marks show in the admin mode (I mean, both in edit and HTML mode my text comes with a line break, although I dont see the <p> or
    characters), but they do not render at all in the texts on the front office.
    For some reasons, changing the theme would sometimes fix it.
    I contacted the theme creator who tested the theme in some instances and did not find the problem. The theme though does alter the content filter.
    I checked in mySQL database – I use UTF8 , the code does not include the charachters but the breaks.
    I disabled all other plugins that also may deal with WPauto (which I guess is responsible for that) but still ahd the problem: Ultimate Tiny MCE, Types, Exec PHP code widget, Leaflet maps marker, alo easymail….
    Finally, I found desactivating add_rel_lightbox would solve the issue… and reverting to version 0.3 too!
    So that is what I did.
    But I mean to mention it to you as there may be a problem with the new encoding… or some configurations like mine!
    Thanks for the work

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  • mattshelton


    I also discovered this problem when working with the WP-Markdown plugin and multi-line code samples. Whenever add-rel-lightbox was enabled, all of the pre/code areas had their line breaks stripped. This is definitely broken.

    Plugin Author DefProc


    Ah that explains the problems I’ve been seeing with multiline code&pre tags being concatenated to one line!

    Turns out it’s the Simple DOM Parser again. It defaults to auto-closing tags and will collapse multiline tags to do it. I’ve changed this behaviour for version 0.4.1 and that sorts it for me.

    Does that help?



    Glad if we alerted for a problem you could sort!
    I won’t be able test the new version right no, the web site has just been launched and can’t be played with, I’ll try later!
    May be Matt will?



    Hi Agnes, I actually switched over to wp-slimbox2 which does not have this problem. I’ll try to grab some time and switch back (with the update) to see if it works for me. (wp-slimbox2’s admin UI isn’t super, but the user interactions are similar.)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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