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  • i am working in a multisite environment and would like to use your plugin to upload users to their own respective website all at the same time.

    After reading through your plugin it sounded as if i could do this.

    I am having problems with getting the users to be activated on their respective website. I can upload the users and they are all created with passwords, usernames, etc but only show up under the “users” in the network admin site.

    What is the format for putting into the csv for the website name so the people will get put into the respective site??? ???
    /demo ???
    /demo/ ??? ???
    (the multisite number???)

    if you could help me out with this one i would really appreciate it.
    Love the plugin. Thank you so much for the work on it and ongoing support.

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  • Plugin Author happynuclear


    Hi Dezahn,

    Normally if you add users through one of your networked sites using the plugin they should be assigned a role on that site AND would show up in the network users list. You’re saying they are not being added to the site you added them through?

    Currently the plugin functions only to add users to a specific site on your network. There’s no real functionality yet that can add users to multiple sites at once. So if you have Site A, Site B and Site C within a network, and you add users through Site A, they are given a role only on that site (though they would then appear in the network users list). You’d then need to add users to sites B and C using the Add Existing Users function.

    Wow, I hope that made sense.

    I’ve been thinking of how to achieve cross-site registration through the Network Admin but haven’t really nailed it yet.

    Great. thanks for the reply.

    Should have let you know i am trying to use the 2.0 beta version. Seemed like that may have the functionality i was looking for.

    i am trying to add the users to a “specific site” (such as user_url) but only upload them to one place. I don’t care if they are users on the main website, just that i wouldn’t have to add the 300+ people at a time to their each site individually. any suggestions or is this what you are still working on in the 2.0 version?

    right now i can upload the users no problem.
    > I have a csv set up with user_login, user_pass, user_email, first_name, last_name, show_admin_bar_front, Company, user_url, role

    the information does get uploaded and fills in the users main information. Problem comes with adding the users to the individual sites with their roe.

    Once they are uploaded they only show on the main website as a user (, not on each individual website as a user. (

    Is this a working function of the 2.0 plugin?
    am i adding the info to the csv wrong? or have some settings wrong? does the plugin need to be activated on each site, or network activated?

    thanks so much for your help.

    also can not get the plugin to send the user emails. Have changed things and it keeps sending the default wordpress new user email.


    Plugin Author happynuclear


    Hi Dezahn,

    If you’re adding the users through the main site then that’s the site they’ll be added to. The ability to add them with a role on multiple subsites within your network is something I’m attempting to work in, but its just very complex.

    If I’m reading it right you’re attempting to assign them a role on a subsite based on their user_url? Unfortunately this won’t work, as user_url only fills in the “website” field in their user profile, as in, the user’s personal website. If I’m reading that wrong please let me know.

    The emails not sending properly is certainly an issue I can look in to. Can you just confirm that you have the “send notification emails” option enabled in the settings please?

    Thanks again for the feedback, I appreciate it =)

    Thank you so much for all your help and work on this. I think this is a very cool and useful tool when you get it done….

    As far as the “role” i have my csv file set up with the “role” column as you stated in the instructions. now i know it’s not working because it is not done yet…that is ok. i have set up a default user role for each website that seems to be working and other users that get special roles are only a few per website so not a big deal to add them individually.

    what i was talking about with the “user-url”
    that is the area i have been using to determine the users website they should be uploaded to, but also now know that is not working at the moment also.

    For the emails:
    on the main site i do have the “Send each new user a registration notification email?” checked. Also have the “Email me a complete list of new user account details?” checked and that is working. Each time I add users, I do get an email telling me who got added to the main website, but nothing when i add those people to the subsites.

    * One thought that I think would be nice is…when you get the ability to have the plugin add the users to specific websites you could have that as a part of the email. so it may look something like:

    This email is to confirm new user accounts for your website generated using the Add Multiple Users plugin.
    1. New user successfully registered. Login: “NAME” Password: “PASSWORD” Email: “EMAIL” Website: “WEBSITE NAME”

    this way you would know what website the person is a part of. That would be sweet!

    anyway, i know your working on this when you get a chance and i really appreciate your help.
    Thanks so much!

    Wanted to let you know about this stuff.
    I have tried using another plugin that says it can do multisite and thought this may help you to get the user upload to individual sites to work…

    they had me put a string into the csv file and it did put the users onto the other websites along with the site that i had uploaded them from.

    hope this helps

    Plugin Author happynuclear


    Ah ok sweet, thanks for the info there.

    A quick thought on the notification emails – sometimes they end up in the spam folder (not sure why) but either way I will look further into the notifications not sending properly.

    As for adding users to specific sites within the network, its a very good idea, one I can hopefully get working. Cheers for the link, and thanks very much for the detailed feedback, it helps very much!

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