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  • This plugin not working. any local uploaded image only show broken image.
    I tried also to set path in its settings like.. ‘/avatars’, ‘\wp-content\avatars’, ‘/wp-content/avatars’, ‘wp-content/avatars’, etc. but none worked. also set the write permissions.
    I am using wordpress 3.5.1, add-local-avatar 11.1, wamp on windows with php 5.4.3.

    Its mentioned on its page this plugin not compatible to latest wp but last updated today itself 27 jan 13, but hoped it should work as its functionality not much related to wp version.

    Anyways, please fix the plugin asap. Its totally broken and of no use untill fixed.

    Plugin Author peterwsterling


    The plugin is NOT broken – you must configure the plugin correctly for it to work.

    Not a good answer, not a full answer.
    I already have told you the settings I have done, so you should reply with me the correct setting which can make it work. That only can help me and other users too.
    On the plugin page its written “Compatible up to: 3.3.2” . If its not broken, why its not written “Compatible upto 3.5.1”? I m using wp 3.5.1.
    You marked is resolved without a complete support, and without my comment and without resolving the issue, not a good thing.

    If users dont get proper solution they obviously mark it as broken if it not work.

    It is broken for certain server configuration like mine

    My server is configured where my domain is a folder relative to /home/site_root/public_html. So it rests at:


    The problem is that when I set the User Uploads path to “/avatars”, the images are uploaded to /home/site_root/public_html/avatars, BUT the plugin is looking for the image at /home/site_root/public_html/inthesouthsound/avatars

    So it’s mismatched.

    So if I just wanted to hardcode the path to my avatar folder, can I do this? How?

    Since the author doesn’t fixing the problem and not replying with proper solutions, may be he don’t have time or not interested.
    So, Better use this plugin ‘wp-user-avatar’ . Fully compatible with 3.5.1 and works with wp inbuilt media uploader. Although it dont have twitter avatar, but will work on all other cases, if you dont want twitter pic. It even work with bbpress frontend user edit profile now (I reported and author added feature). It has a good support and queries answered soon. I am using it and its working fine.

    Other alternative, I have not tried but you can see also.

    Plugin Author peterwsterling


    Crikey mate, have some manners!

    There is no problem to fix – don’t try to assert that the plugin is broken or that I am un-interested, the problem is with your configuration. Have you read the FAQ? Have you looks at the instructions?

    Dont feel it personally please. Nothing intentional.
    We have red all faq, instructions and also mentioned all the settings we did to make it work, and asked when not worked. If you wanna know more something about users’ configurations you can ask, but since the issue closed and no answer we got, so I tried another plugin ‘wp-user-avatar’ have all the compatibility with wp latest and working (having one limitation that it dont work for twitter avatar, that yours give). But rest all working fine along with it work for bbpress frontend edit. I am now using it and so suggested.
    Rest if you think nothing to fix, its okay, what we can do… 🙂

    Link for images are created on correct location /avatars but image is broken. I need urgent solution. Soon as possible. Please. I read all FAQ I tried everything but no effect.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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