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    I skimmed through the other support issues for similar issues, and the closest thing I can find is that someone was having an issues with not enough content being displayed, but I’d like to limit the number of facebook posts displayed. It looks like I’m pulling 40+ posts, and it’s making my website unnecessarily tall. I’d like to limit it to 4-10, and I can’t find an option for that. Am I missing something, or is it buried somewhere that I haven’t found it (or is it just not something I can change? I hope not.)

    Also, on 80% of my pages the app works fine, but on a few it doesn’t pull any information, just an empty box with “No recent activity to display.
    Put some like buttons on your website to engage your users. Details can be found here.” On these same pages it ignores my other formatting, as well (it sits in my sidebar, so I’ve limited it to 250 px wide, but on these pages it ignores that and extends outside of the bar).

    Does anyone know how to address either of these issues? I’d appreciate the feedback.

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  • Which Facebook plugin or what widget are you using?

    “Add Link to Facebook.” I’m using the Like button, the Send button, and Messages and Comments. I’m not entirely sure what I’ve done, but I seem to have resolved most of the second issue. Instead of giving me the error and screwing up the formatting, the formatting is good and it says “Be the first of your friends to like this” instead, but without any of the posts. I can live with that.

    In doing so, however, I seem to have gained an error at the bottom of the ones that do work. “Could not retrieve id for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in.” It shows up after the Like and Send buttons, then that message in pink, then a big gap, then a second Send button.

    First issue persists, displaying like 40 posts.

    The number of messages and comments in the widget cannot be limited. I have put this on the list with feature requests.

    Regarding the error: could you please check if you did enabled the Open Graph Protocol (a plugin option) ? This error may also occur if you didn’t authorize the plugin with Facebook.

    The Open Graph Protocol is checked. I pulled out the link (that should work) in the “Link to” field and that fixed the error message, and the second Send button disappeared when I unchecked one of the ‘include send button’ boxes. I assumed that I had to have them both checked (they’re on different pages) to have the button appear, but I didn’t really realize that there were two until just now.

    I haven’t got the foggiest idea of why everything is working fine on all of my pages except a couple, there’s nothing special that I can tell about them. I’m going to weed through and try to duplicate pages that I know that they work on and just change the content and re-route everything in the background to see if that fixes it. Maybe there’s some innocuous setting that got checked on some of them but not on all of them.

    Thanks for letting me know that there’s no way to limit the number of posts, that at least prevents me from hunting one. A feature that did that would be awesome.

    Thanks for all the help! I think I’ve got everything figured out that can be, unless the occasional page not working has a known solution.

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