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    i had installed the addlinks to facebook from the built in wizard for adding plugins
    then i created app in the same manner as mentioned in the screen shot
    now i filled the app id and secret id and saved
    now when i click on authorize it directs me too a facebook page which further directs me to allow plugin page
    but when i click allow it shows an error msg
    invalid api credential and get redirected to my site
    please tell me what i shoul do
    as i had never created an app for facebook so i would like to know that does i have to write some amount of code too
    or the things shown in screenshot are sufficient…

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  • There is a setup guide

    i had already tried it i had already asked that does i have to preate any further coded app or not

    error is
    invalid API credentials !

    it is also showing the error when i am trying to authorize it to other account

    The session state (1101424392) didn’t match the state parameter ()

    Check your Facebook App ID / Secret, one of them is probably entered wrong into the plugin.

    Marcel, that last comment by Pandeym94 matched my error:

    The session state (942212112) didn't match the state parameter ()

    I have checked my App ID / Secret several times over.

    Entries in the FB app are placed as per your screen shots (with relevant changes)
    I donated today via Paypal so I’d rather like this to work soon please.

    Send me the debug info as explained in the last question of the FAQ and I will try to figure out how to solve this.

    Thankyou Marcel, debug sent.


    I didn’t receive the debug info so far …

    Marcel if you could please email me at
    mark at greenmantle dot biz
    I can copy the content of the debug and reply.
    Your plugin claimed the debug information was sent. 😉

    Maybe your hosting server isn’t correctly configured to send e-mail. You can use this contact form to send me the debug info. If you can, print it as PDF and ZIP it please.

    sent thanks.

    I have received the debug info in good order.

    I have followed the link under ‘Redirect to:’ and I get the same message as you.

    However, this message is not a message of Add Link to Facebook. My best guess another plugin is interfering.

    Try to disable (temporarily) all other plugins and to authorize the plugin. My best guess another Facebook related plugin is intercepting requests.

    Please let me know if you could solve this problem.

    Same problem for me. Even tried to create a new app (I already had one), but I always get “Invalid API Credentials” :/

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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