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  • I think I’ve got it with the see all pages checkbox. Perhaps you could make the title more intuitive like “Post as page owner”.

    All the best.


    Actually it was ‘Post as page owner’ before, but this was confusing for some people too. Since Facebook requires manage pages permission before you can see all Facebook pages, I have changed this option to ‘See all pages’. This same Facebook permission is needed to post as page owner. Almost everybody want to post as page owner and before you can do that you have to check ‘See all pages’, so it will almost always go right.

    My question: how come you didn’t have this option checked?

    Thanks Marcel,

    I was probably playing around with the backend too much and unchecked it. My bad entirely. I had one more question for you on features but it slipped my mind. Anyway, great plugin. I’ll come back at you when I figure out what that question was.




    I remember the question now: how do you allow other users of your blog to post to your Fan page as well?



    I was totally unable to do this. I logged into facebook, went to app, went to create a new app, ended up with some mobile phone crap which would not recognize my code and kept telling me it was not correct. Could you give me information in English that might help? I down loaded the plug in, but the rest of it went totally awry. I’m sure not laughing about this, because plug in looked like a great thing.

    @edwardnh: you can check the option ‘Share with all users on this site’ in the ‘Easy setup’ section.

    @eddiedetaos: what you encountered was that Facebook wanted to verify your account. This is required to use Facebook applications. I cannot really help you with this. The setup of the plugin is explained in the setup guide.

    Next time please create your own topic. This topic was about another unrelated subject. Please note that sends an e-mail to every person participating in a discussion for each reply.

    I have a similar problem to the one described in the initial post. On my main blog I use this plugin for almost a year now and I have no issues. But when I installed it on a new blog I found that it publishes the new posts on both the fanpage AND my personal profile.

    I have the “See all pages” option ticked and I have selected the fanpage to which i want it to post. In fact, I double checked my settings comparing them to those of the other blog and they are the same.

    Any ideas why it keeps posting on my personal profile as well? Perhaps I am missing something, but I can’t find out what…


    I have answered your question here.

    Next time, please create your own discussion thread. Your problem is only vaguely related and other people now received notifies in which they aren’t probably interested.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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