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  • Clicking on ‘needs configuraion’ should bring you to the Easy setup section a little bit lower. Just follow the steps of the setup guide to configure and authorize the plugin.

    but it doesn’t bring me to EASY setup

    Just go to the plugin settings page, using the WordPress menu Tools > Add Link to Facebook and you will find ‘Easy setup’ as title.

    there’s no easy setup link or text there are 3 red bars last one is “Only this user can access the settings: (id=1)”

    This means that only WordPress user number #1 can access the plugin settings (probably admin). This is because the option ‘Share with all users’ has been enabled by this user.

    so how can i fix this

    well i need that plugin i need help quick a quick help i have tried tools>link to facebook clicked all links and nothing happens except page reload

    There are two ways to fix it: login as user #1 (admin?) in WordPress, else see the FAQ, question U22 for resetting the user share option.

    Thank you sir, I solute you

    I’m having the same “Only this user can access the settings” error and I read your other solution, however you give a line number (386) and I fear your information is now out of date (code lines have changed with plugin updates).

    Can you please give a code snippet before/after so that we can know where to put the:


    line? I’m currently locked out of the settings until I can resolve this and I really love your plug-in.

    PS. This may be a big issue for some with the recent recommendation to delete “Admin” users from WordPress installs.

    Go here.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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