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  • I want to have wordpress authors post to the same FaceBook page under their own names. Therefore, I need to unchecl the shae with othes box in Tools/Add Link to Facebook settings. I will need to add each author as an admin to the page. Right? Does each author have to secure a unique App ID and APP secret, or can these be shared?



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  • 100% correct and the App ID/Secret can indeed be shared. Just make sure that each author does authorize Add Link to Facebook with his/her own Facebook account.

    So, what I might do is to log in to WordPress as one of the authors, add the App ID/Secret, then have that author go in and authorize while they are logged in to their facebook account, right?


    Is it possible to post links to the page tab rather than the Everyone (most recent) tab?

    I really don’t want our authors to be diluted among other posts. Even for myself, as a page admin and creator of the page, when I add link to facebook from the website, it comes in under “Everyone”.

    Can you please explain in more detail what you mean?

    Thank you for your pompt and courteous attention to my problems. I haven’t used Facebook a lot, so please keep that in mind.

    I think what I want is for like facebook page to be set with Default Landing Tab “Wall”; and Wall tab shows “Only Posts by Page”.

    Maybe that means I cannot have folks post under their own names?

    Here is the circumstance:

    I created both a shaleshockmedia open group and a shaleshockmedia page, not sure which would be best for our purpose, which is to feature video posts from out website

    The open group became dominated by one particular poster who is not a video producer, and so I figured we’d do better with the page, leaving the open group for a general discussion of fracking and the media.

    We had enough likes on the page that we now have a simple facebook address, but thus far it no one who is not a video producer with shaleshockmedia has dominated the posts on the page.

    What I’d like would be for the FBlinks posts to go under the Shaleshock Media tab on the page, but allow others to post under Everybody, but maybe this is not the way it works.

    The only way I know how to post so that the post appears under the Shaleshock Media tab is diectly on the Facebook page. If I use Add Link to Facebook, it will only appear under “Everybody” but not “Shaleshock Media”.

    When I first set up the page, I had a app that posted directly to the page; if you go thee, you will see the old links. The blip app stopped working in October, and in any case, we need to be more selective in what we post (e.g. playlists and not each individual video), and sinve not everyone posts using our blip ‘show’, your plugin seemed to offe what we really needed.

    The poblem is the links appea in the wrong place.

    I think I understand what you want.

    Try disabling the setting ‘See all pages‘, after you have selected the correct page.

    Actually, ‘See all pages’ was not selected. I selected it, authorized again, and now my posts appear under both the page tab and the everybody tab. Starting to look like this may work!

    Is there a way for posts written by Contributors to automatically post to a facebook fan page without them being admin of the fan page? I dont mind sharing API ID/secret, but I’m worried about having a lot of contributors being admin of my fan page.

    I have answered your question here.

    Please don’t hijack discussions of others, create your own.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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