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  • After I installed your plugin my blog is nog visible in IE8.
    Visitors get messages like: The tab with your blog finaly closes. After clicking 100 times yes on a question that the script that is running must be stopped and all the time “window not responding”.

    Or: My browser (IE8) does not respond anymore. Have not got the message about the script. But ‘not responding’ hourglass and Internet Explorer does not respond.

    A friend of mine had the same after installing your plugin. After removing the plugin his blog showed up normaly in IE8.

    After installing the plugin I had trouble with the gallery function of WP. I use the plugin Floatbox Plus. Floatbox could only show three of the 12 pictures in the slide show.

    I am uninstalling your plugin. Hope everything will be allright after that.

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  • I cannot imagine that this has to do with the Add Link to Facebook plugin. As the name says it adds links to Facebook. It does not alter the front page of your blog.

    Did you add any of the Facebook social plugins (like button, comments plugin, etc) with the plugin options? Add Link to Facebook will just add these social plugins, but the scripts are provided by Facebook. Maybe there is a bug in the Facebook scripts.

    And it could be a bug in IE8 too.

    About IE8. As I got the feeling today, it might be the Like button. I tested it today.
    After the installation I enabled ‘Show Facebook like button:’ with the option ‘Button with count’. (The button showed up in Safari and Firefox. Never seen the count.)
    Today I changed the Like button option to ‘Standard’. IE8 still hangs with my blog. Then I disabled ‘Show Facebook like button:’. Now my blog shows again in IE8.
    Abvious. The button is the only extra added to the main page of my blog by the Add Link to Facebook plugin. So that must be the problem for IE8.
    Luckily I did not uninstall the plugin. I can live without a like bottun. The Add Link to Facebook plugin is great. Nice posts to my Facebook.

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