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[Resolved] Plugin "Add Ingredients" also "REMOVE Ingredients" ?

  • Hi ollybach,

    as subject its possible to remove from a pizza one o more ingredients ?

    Capricciosa have this ingredients

    I want order one Capricciosa – UOVO – FUNGHI and + PISELLI + TONNO.

    My questions are

    1 – Can I order the pizza in the way as above ?
    2 – Before charge the cost for ingredients, can you sum separatly ingredients to add and ingredients to remove and than charge only if the difference from ADD-REMOVE is positive ?
    UOVO € 1,00 + FUNGHI € 1,00 = total € 2,00 (REMOVE INGREDIENTS)
    PISELLI € 1,00 + TONNO € 1,50 = total € 2,50 (ADD INGREDIENTS)
    2,50 – 2,00 = 0,50 this is the cost of ingredients that you charge in pizza. If the difference from ADD – REMOVE is negative nothing to charge.

    I hope to explain you.

    thanks in advance


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  • Plugin Author ollybach



    I know what you mean, but you cannot do that.sorry.

    (although I personally think you should just offer the most basic pizza – let’s say a margarita – and have the customer add as he pleases (which is the way it is intended)

    Plugin Author ollybach


    resolved (as in: no, you cant do that….. )

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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