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    Hi guys, sorry to be such a layman. I found this plugin doing a search on how to upload to my media folder using ftp. I gather I can’t.

    I get that this plugin moves files from server to media folder, but, um, where on the server should I upload the files to? Do I create a folder somewhere? And should it be the wp server or the domain host server?

    Again, my apologies for the easy confushion, any step by step instructions would be truly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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  • Holy crap on a stick I did it!! I am NOT a noob! haha. Alright, a little too elated. But for any fellow noobs who follow in my steps, here’s the dish:

    turns out there’s a folder called “uploads” in your wp_content folder. (who knew?)

    then it turns out there’s a folder for the month you want to upload to.

    upload to this month folder via ftp.

    using wp, go to post page. Use the “add picture” icon you would normally use to add a picture to your blog post. This will open up the familiar upload manager.

    There’s a link there now at the top “load from server” .. or something along those lines. Has the word “server” in it.

    click the check boxes for the files you just uploaded.

    Scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will find a button that lets you import.

    Go to “gallery” and .. voila! Look, they’re all there snug as a bug.

    I’m high on technology.

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