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  • Apparently, I would love support for subdirectories though…. when activated I only see a list with the main site over and over. 🙁



    Well looking at the plugin it looks like it’s made for subdomains and mapping. I’m no programmer but it looks like there’s quite a few changes that have to be made to get it to work with subdirs.


    Thanks for the great plugin! I wanted to be able to use this for sub-directories as well. I made the following tiny change and it seems to work great.

    First make sure to turn off automatic domain mapping when you enter your new sites. If the site you are cloning is “”, your new Site URL should be entered “”. Here is the simple change…

    File: “wp-content/plugins/add-cloned-sites-for-wpmu-batch/magic-add-cloned-sites.php”

    Line 91:

    $domain = $dashedsiteurl . "." . get_blog_details(1)->domain;

    $domain = $siteurl;

    There is a different small change you can make so the new Site URL you enter is just the new sub-directory name. Entering “new” for example would result in “”.

    Same file, same line:
    Change To-
    $domain = $siteurl . "." . get_blog_details(1)->domain;

    Comment out Lines 95-99.

    //if (!valid_url($siteurl)){
    // _e("<span class=\"error\">The url '$siteurl' is not a valid url.</span>", 'acswpmu_trdom' );
    // $error = TRUE;

    You cannot do both of these so choose one… I haven’t really tested this much either so you might want to test it a bit…

    Good Luck !

    Austra – does this allow you to make sub directories: or subdomains

    Also for the upload file, do you need to enter the desired URL or just the directory name?


    Oh sorry, you are right… It was so late last night when I did that I didn’t even notice.

    This is for subdomains, not subdirectories…. Sorry about that. I’ll look at it again later and see if it is just as easy to fix up for subdirectories.

    Thanks Austra, would love to get this working for sub directories

    Plugin Author fritsjan


    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first plugin and I did not know there was a forum with questions on this site..
    I just released a new version which should support a subdirectory setup.
    I tested it briefly, and looks like it works. If not please test it and report any bugs to me.

    Hope you like this plugin and hope it will save you a lot of time and gives me some time to drink my donated coffees 😉

    Frits Jan

    Can you go over how to use this with sub-directories? I am not having any success. I am trying to use it in a wordpress install in a subdirectory.

    Do I deselect auto-domain mapping for subdirectories?
    What do I put in the New Site URL (without www): field?

    Plugin Author fritsjan


    Hi kbrady,

    Hmm I did not test this for a install of wordpress in a subdirectory…
    I don’t think it is wise to make a multi site installation inside a subdirectory. You would end up with domain names like: or in case of subdomain install:

    I also don’t know if the domain mapping plugin from Doncha works with your setup. I recommend setting up wordpress in the root of the domain.

    Plugin Author fritsjan


    To every one else, I would like some feedback. Is everything working fine now?

    Dear all,

    I am having some troubles with:
    – Add Clone Sites for WPMU (batch) and subsenquently with the related Domain Mapping plugin.

    Basically, I have installed WP multisite for sub-directories. This is what I am trying to achieve:
    1. Clone a site using a new url
    2. After putting some contents in, I want then to map it to a new domain

    I have done some research but I can’t find anything that may solve my problem. So far, I have achieved to create the site using the main site I have also done a domain mapping test: assign the domain (primary domain) to http://www.disrupt/a but instead the page of my server appear (InMotion Hosting).

    So I am stuck. I hope you can help me guys.

    Take care all

    Note, the url that I am using to describe my situation are imaginary. eheheh

    Plugin Author fritsjan


    Hi Jeansuhas,

    This plugin is doing exactly what you want.
    I know there are people out there who want to map the same domain to a subdomain which is not working. I think I have to explain this later.

    For you I would say that you havent setup the domainmapping correctly on your server. I suggest you to follow this article in order to help you set it up correctly.
    There are a few steps during the setup which involves settings in the hosting cpanel or directadmin. Some of the steps cannot be executed by yourself but only by the hosting company you hosted your site.

    See these articles:
    (translated from dutch)

    hope this helps…

    Thank you very much. I am trying right now. I will update the forum regarding my progresses.


    I have followed all the instructions but for some reasons the cloning and mapping processes are not working.

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