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    Hi Joshua,

    OK. You’ve installed the plugin. 3 questions:
    1 – Did you activate the plugin?
    2 – Did you configure the options under “Settings” > “BP-WP-Navbar”?
    3 – Have you studied the bp-codex on building a child theme of bp-default? If not, you really should; using a child theme makes upgrading a whole lot easier (you don’t have to edit your theme every time you upgrade BP, and you should always avoid editing core bp files).

    thanks for the reply. I am new to most of this. Anyway, I created a little screencast of what I see on my end. I am sure its some kind of user error.

    I definitely need to learn more about the child themes.

    Plugin Author pcwriter


    Hi again Joshua!

    Thanks for the screencast… I see what the problem is.

    What you were doing works just fine: hide or show the site name, visit random menu and main theme nav.

    To get your WP menu items to also show in your new navbar, you must copy the title of each menu to the appropriate field in “Settings” > “BP-WP-Navbar”.

    The next version of this plugin will do that automatically, but for now, it has to be done manually.

    I think I have tried all combinations of that. I created two menus, one name community, the other named info, put those into the label fields. here is another screencast.

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    Silly question here: did you save the menus you created? WP3.0 is funny that way… if you don’t save every time you make a change, it doesn’t seem to work.

    Yep, just double checked.

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    OK. Maybe this will help move things along. I’ve updated the beta for the next version of this plugin and added a lot more functionality and configuration options to the admin panel. The beta is available for download from my site (it hasn’t been added to the WP repository yet).

    It’s been tested in various live and development environments, both WP2.x and 3.x, and it works just fine. Here’s a screenshot of what you can expect in the admin area:

    Note that if you’re running 3.x, you no longer have to define the custom menu labels in the plugin, it will fetch whatever labels you have assigned to your menus. Plus, the plugin will recognize up to 5 distinct WP3.x menus.

    You can download this beta version from my site here:

    You can also see a working demo on my site:

    Hope this works for you.

    Plugin Author pcwriter


    Oops! Forgot to update this thread.

    The repo is updated with the new version 2.1 which includes all the functionality described (see the FAQ).


    Ok, so I’m experiencing the same problem Josh experienced. I read through this thread and I’ve done everything mentioned and my menu doesn’t show up. I love the way it looks, but get easily frustrated when I follow the directions and the results don’t appear. (maybe why I’m not a techie)

    So, my frustration has blinded me and I’m here. Any thoughts?


    (p.s. I have downloaded the latest updates as of Sept. 27, 2010)

    Plugin Author pcwriter


    Hi William,

    Here are a few questions that need answers to help track down what might be buggering up the plugin:

    1 – What version of BP are you using?
    2 – What theme are you using – child theme of bp-default or custom?
    3 – Are you running WP, WPMU, WP3 (single or multisite)?
    4 – Do you have any other plugins installed that affect the bp-adminbar?
    5 – Have you modified the styles in adminbar.css in any way, or added any styling rules to your theme’s style.css that affect the bp-adminbar?
    6 – Could you provide a link to your site?

    1. BP version
    2. Theme – BP Default
    3. WP version 3.0.1
    4. No other plugins that affect bp adminbar
    5. I haven’t edited any code.
    6. What I’m working on is a little sensitive, so I’m hesitant to publicly display the URL just yet.

    I did manage to add the links as a sidebar widget, but that’s not exactly what I want. I want them to display in the navbar by the My Account and Notifications menus.


    Plugin Author pcwriter


    Hi again William,

    In “BP-WP-Navbar Configuration” under “Feature Options”, are “Add WordPress pages/menus” and “Add Buddypress components” enabled?

    In “Appearance” > “Menus”, did you select which menu appears in each location in the “Theme Locations” area, save theme locations, then save the menu again?

    Plugin Author pcwriter


    To Josh, William and anyone else experiencing the headache of no menus appearing…

    Found the bug and squashed it!

    The conditional statement that was being used to identify and target the main site/blog was at the heart of the problem.

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