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  • Excellent plugin, but I have a question. I am using the ‘widget’ method of displaying ads, but currently I see only 10 ad slots in the ‘ad rotation pool’ of the widget . How can I have more than 10 slots please? 🙂

    Here is why I need more than 10 ad slots. I have more than 10 categories on my blog, and on top of that, I want to have at least two ads rotated per category, making the total number of ads to be rotated to 20+. 🙂

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    Hi chintu74,

    If you need 2-3 different ads rotated per category then you don’t need more then 10 categories, what you need is more than 10 widgets.

    If you want to restrict the ads to a specific category then you’ll need a separate widget for each restriction you want to set up.

    You can create as many widgets as you like.

    Example Problem: you have 12 categories, and you want each category to have 3 different ads specific to that category.

    Example Solution: create 12 widgets, and put your 3 ads in each widget. Set the category restriction for each widget to only show on the correct category.

    Hope this helps.

    p.s. I do have it as a long term goal to remove the 10 ads restriction, and allow any number of ads, but in your case it sounds to me like this wouldn’t help you as you want a small number of different ads for each category.

    I would actually like the same, albeit for different reasons. I’m using this tool to rotate different ad networks and different user’s ad codes of the same assortment of networks at the same time, on the same content. Ive been able to find creative ways of combining less dynamic ads by using an ad rotation java-script inside of the ad code injection box, but this still forces some significant limits and more creative thinking, not that creative thinking is a bad thing.

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    Hi krackers87,

    As well as doing extra rotation using JavaScript you can include PHP in the ad boxes – this will allow you to do extra rotation of dynamic adverts like AdSense.

    Until I make the change to allow an arbitrary number of adverts you have these 3 options:

    1. Use PHP / JavaScript in the ad boxes to handle the rotation of the extra ads.
    2. Use an ad service such as OpenX or Google Ad Manager in conjunction with Ad Injection. Ad Injection can handle the ad placement, and the ad service can manage your ad pool.
    3. Hack Ad Injection to increase the limit (but be aware that if you upgrade your changes will be overwritten).

    I’d recommend 1 or 2.

    I think that I’ll have to wait to 2012 until I get around to properly removing the 10 ad restriction.

    Word, thanks for the suggestions. Some more in-depth searching tonight presented me with this free to use php script which I’ve been able to use inside of ad injection:

    Using the instructions, switching the ($externalFile =) string to read, ($externalFile = “Y”) and then making the item value strings like ($item[0] = “”)
    allows me to now put all the various ad codes inside of seperate html files inside a directory on my site, which is then loaded at random from the script. In addition this script also has the same weighted functionality, so using this combined with Ad Injection now allows me to use a limitless amount of different ad-codes, no matter the format/how dynamic, with an equally infinite distribution of weights.

    Figured I’d pass this along for anyone else running into a similar barrier, took me a while to find a suitable code that was so simple and won’t change the code in any way.

    Plugin Author reviewmylife


    Hi krackers87 – thanks for sharing your solution!

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