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    I´m a bit new to wordpress so maybe I got things all wrong however I cant seem to get the pictures saved to the wp-content\uploads\active-directory-thumbnails. Or at wich location are the pictures from active directory supposed to be saved?

    I´ve also tried the Bulk Script URL for Scheduled Tasks to see if the PHP memory limit causes the problem. The only thing I get then is. “somethingUser does not have a picture in WordPress.” for each of my wordpress users. Other then that, I get no errors at all.

    I´m running the latest WordPress on a WAMP server with version 2.2. Also have the active directory integration plugin configured with successful logins.

    Am I missing something? Shouldn´t the pictures apear in active-directory-thumbnail?
    I´m also running buddypress if that helps any.

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  • Plugin Author Omar Mir


    Hi Scarius,

    I wish thing sent emails to let me know there was a questions regarding the plugin.

    Are you pulling the pictures from AD? Because you have to be specific in pulling that info – Active Directory Integration (ADI) may not pull it by default.

    ADT (this plugin) looks for: “adi_thumbnailphoto” as a field inside the user meta table to get the images, that means ADI must first fill that field.

    That is why It’s not finding the pictures.

    Thanks for the reply!
    I´m pulling the pictures from AD, with success. I disovered right after my post, as u mention now, that you need the metadatafield defined in the user meta setings in ADI (“jpegphoto:octet:adi_thumbnailphoto”) for the import to work. And it did!!
    But the problem is only half solved….

    I can´t figure out how to change the Buddypress code so i can implement the pictures.. I know that (<?php echo $user->adt_user_photo_url ?>) is supposed to be inserted somewhere.. but I cant seem to figure out where… Is there any known compabilityissues with buddypress and ADT? Have been trying to find the right place to insert the code for hours….feels like im fumbling in the dark though…

    Plugin Author Omar Mir


    Well here is the issue, I’m not 100% on how buddy press works (never used it).

    The idea was to allow you to place:

    <?php echo $user->adt_user_photo_url ?>

    Directly inside the theme files when iterating over user(s’) info.

    I wouldn’t try to change buddypress code, just the theme file where you want the user info posted.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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