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    I noticed someone asked about Multiple Domains but I am more interested in Multiple Organization Units, although I will admit that I am not an Active Directory expert.

    Basically, under the tab – USER – there is a user-specific setting for “Account Suffix” and it only allows you to enter in one. So for example, I might have but I also have and…

    So is there a way to check the username against other organization units? That way if the user is part of a single domain but instead part of a different organization unit and have this appended in the following option. If we so choose…

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    Multiple Domains

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  • Plugin Author glatze


    Leave “Account Suffic” empty and then login with “username@subdomain.domain.tld”.

    Plugin Author glatze


    But this can be something for a future version. But what will happen, if there is and also These are two different users. So it is impossible to log them on with the samaccountname only.

    If you have any idea, how this Multi-OU-Feature should work, make a feature request on

    You would think that but every username is UNIQUE so it does not matter what OU they belong to, so your example:

    would NEVER exist because our emails are for example, but john can belong to either emea or asiapacific and NEVER both, since the email address has to be UNIQUE.

    So that is why I asked if the plugin can be updated to check multiple OU’s based on username because it will ALWAYS be unique. Thanks for replying though… 🙂

    I will throw up a request because the plugin is awesome and worked unlike problems I had with the other 3 I tried, but I won’t name them here…

    Plugin Author glatze


    Hmm… what if you don’t use any OU in your Base DN like “dc=mydomain,dc=tld” ?

    So to recap:

    John can belong to DOMAIN

    His email is:

    So any user can belong to any number of OUs but a unique email is shared worldwide.

    So in the form you have:
    Account Suffix [__________]
    Account Suffix (will be appended to all usernames in the Active Directory authentication process; e.g., “@domain.tld”.)

    So if John is part of
    and you put here

    then it will work

    but what if you put here
    and John belongs to

    Then it does NOT work
    and if you put then it still does NOT work.

    THE IDEAL would be to code the plugin to check MULTIPLE OU’s because you do not know which OU your user will belong to, so you would put something like: |

    This will try to log in with different OUs appended to the Username, because currently it only allows you to enter ONE. So this is the problem, since THIS is where it tries to do the validation to see if you exist in AD. Should be an easy fix to add logic to check multiple OUs and then your plugin will RULE all the others, since this one works for me in WordPress 3.1…

    Plugin Author glatze


    I have already understood what you mean. I will see if it’s something for 1.1.

    Plugin Author glatze


    I have added this as a feature request here:

    Hahaha, sorry for repeating then… 🙂

    I just wanted to be sure all your fans understood…

    Plugin Author glatze


    I worked on this feature and think I got it running. It will be part of 1.1 which will be released the next days.

    So has version 1.0.1 been released or will it still be part of 1.1?


    Plugin Author glatze


    No, 1.0.1 is not released until now. But I will commit a development version today or tomorrow. 1.1 will be the next official release. Stay tuned.

    Plugin Author glatze


    I have committed the development version 1.0.1:

    Give it a try.

    Dude, it works but I did find a minor “bug”… Spaces!!!

    So if I put;

    it FAILS so you have to put:;

    So really minor but you should be able to “fix” to handle SPACES because most people would input it that way. 🙂

    I believe I found TWO NEW enhancement requests, since your AD Plugin is RULING… 🙂

    Plugin Author glatze


    Thanks for your bug report. I have fixed it in the development version:

    Hi glatze,

    What about allowing having the suffix set (e.g. @corp-extern.local), but if a user logs in with a domain (e.g. me@corp-internal.local) then you pass that thru without appending the set suffix?



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