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    First of all thanks for this great plugin. Things were working properly for me – I had authenticated several users from my LDAP server and still was able to maintain the original User ID 1 login (appears this password was being stored locally in wordpress db, since there was no corresponding user on the LDAP).

    But…then I believe I made a small change to the User ID 1, something like changing the first name I believe (via the wordpress admin dashboard). From this point on I was not able login as User ID 1. I am sure I am using the correct username and password. As a feeble attempt to resolve this I created the user on the LDAP server. But from what I see in the code it isn’t looking at LDAP for User ID 1, so this has no effect (which is good, I like that feature).

    I did not modify my settings either. Here is what I have configured:
    User Tab
    Account Suffix: blank
    Append account suffix: not checked
    Automatic User Creation: checked
    Automatic User Update: checked
    Auto Update User Description: checked
    Default email domain: blank
    Email Address conflict handling: Prevent
    Prevent Email Change: checked
    Display name: cn
    Show User Status: checked
    Password handling section
    all options are not checked

    Authorization tab
    All options are not checked

    Security tab
    Fallback to local password: not checked
    Max login attempts allowed: 3
    blocking time: 30
    user notification: not checked
    admin notification: checked

    User meta:
    I think I used all default settings here

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  • I figured this out – but have kept the post in case a poor lost soul can benefit from it.

    my own incompetence

    1) enable Settings>User>Password Handling>Enable local password changes
    2) change the password for User ID 1 (luckily I had another admin account that could do this)
    3) disable local password changes setting

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